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Anyone tried a Graham Slee Cusat 50 interconnect?

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I've recently bought a GS Novo headphone amp and am looking for a suitable CD player to partner it... my existing interconnect is a venerable Ecosse CA-1 and I suspect an upgrade may be required to get the best from whatever CDP I end up with. I was wondering if anyone had heard/owned Graham Slee's own interconnect? I can't find any reviews of it.


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RE: Anyone tried a Graham Slee Cusat 50 interconnect?

I have one of these, had it for a few years and it is a very good cable indeed. 



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RE: Anyone tried a Graham Slee Cusat 50 interconnect?

Compared to a standard high quality cable, (About £5-10) the Graham Slee will offer no improvement, and neither will any other overpriced, overhyped cable, plus the gobbledegook they have about on their site has no relevance to the market they are selling it too. (Read up on what a cable is and what it does from scientific factual details if you don’t believe me)

Save your money and forget about it.

Hope this helps


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RE: Anyone tried a Graham Slee Cusat 50 interconnect?

Don't listen to abacus - the Cusat 50 is a great interconnect, I had 9 of them for analogue and digital.

then heard the Lautus and couldn't help but upgrade again.

You can get them on home loan through the gsp forum - listen for yourself - free of charge (except postage)


unlike other co.s they are not silly expensive - you won't find better at that price


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