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Updating Reviews after Group Tests

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I notice that only products being reviewed for the first time are shown on the homepage as new reviews:


So for example when WHF did the amplifier group test in the 700GBP range, only the Rotel RA-1520 and Marantz PM8003 were shown as new reviews on the homepage. Even though the original reviews of the Naim Nait 5i and Roksan Kandy K2 were replaced on the website. Same thing happened with the Group test of Cyrus, Roksan, Moon & Naim in the 1250 - 1450 range.


I  think it would be good to have all the items reviewed (even those retested) shown as new reviews on the homepage.


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Re: Updating Reviews after Group Tests

The 'new reviews' section updates automatically when a new review is added to the site, and doesn't reflect reviews already on the site which have changed. But of course anyone reading the reviews will be getting the latest version, which we think is sufficient for those readers wanting to compare, for example, all the amplifiers in a given price-band.


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