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Reviews section - Dacs/Cd players

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Im sure ive asked this a long time ago on here but can something be changed in the review section?


For example, im looking at reviews of CD Players here http://www.whathifi.com/search/apachesolr_search?filters=tid%3A365%20type%3Ahcmproduct%20fs_cck_field_price%3A%5B101%20TO%20250%5D&solrsort=created%20desc&retain-filters=1 and 10 of the 15 items are actually DACS. Now correct me if im wrong but a DAC will not allow me to insert one of my cds to play it?

I understand what DACS are but they are not a cd player are they? Can we get all DACs taken out of cd review section and placed into their own review area? 


If i want to buy a cd player i, (presumabely like everyone else), will click the cd section. If i wanted to buy a DAC id no doubt be looking for a section for them on their own. You dont have blueray players in the tv section do you?


Cant you just seperate them?

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RE: Reviews section - Dacs/Cd players

Yes, it would seem to be simple and logical to do so, but that section of the site is hard-coded rather than open to us as mere users to reprofile: the DACs section is on our wishlist, but I'm told it'll be a while before we can implement it.

Apologies - we share your frustration...


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