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Reviews - date of review?

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Would it be possible to show the date (mag issue?) when a product was originally reviewed?  When searching for products, it'd be good to be able to whittle out old products that have probably been replaced.




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RE: Reviews - date of review?

Total PITA, isn't it?  I blame the bloke who built it.

You can always 'View Source' - the date is in the HTML somewhere... Laughing out loud


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RE: Reviews - date of review?

And the really annoying thing is that the date for every review is in the CMS, but it doesn't pull through to the website. I blame Mr Duncan  Wink It's on my list of things to get fixed. You can always check the review date in the Buying Guide in the back of the magazine of course.


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RE: Reviews - date of review?

The date appears when a WHF review is googled. So - as an example - I can see that the Primare i30 review was dated 9th October 2007.

Just enter the equipment name and 'review' (without quotes) in google and any WHF review is never far down the page.




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