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Widening the content of WHF

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One for Clare and Andrew, entered the comp the other day (fingers crossed). and nowhere in the survey did it ask if there where other product areas that we'd like covered by the mag, and I think that in these days of multimedia where most things are interconnected, I'd like to see the following covered; cell phones and computers I know these have dedicated mags devoted to them but the likes of Stuff and T3 cover a wide range of products doing a best of list for each product type, I think something a little more in depth would work well in WHF. Just a thought.

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Re: Widening the content of WHF

We already cover both mobile phones with music/multimedia capability, and computers with similar capabilities.


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Re: Widening the content of WHF

Indeed we do, and broadening the range of products we cover is very much part of the remit for the magazine and website.

In fact, when we relaunched the website last year we added a whole range of new product categories such as digital media devices, Media Centre PCs, wireless systems, Network Attached Storage devices and multimedia phones, among others.


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