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OK...Which article is correct?

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I've just read the April edition and to say I'm a little confused is an understatement.

Page 71: James Haywood asks about pairing a Yamaha RX-V673 with the BW MT-60D's. "Not the best choice..." comes the answer! "The speakers simply won't operate to their full potential".   OK then, read on until you get to page 114 and read the system builder.  What's the recommendation to pair with the Yamaha RX-V673?    You've guessed it, the BW MT-60D's!!

So which is correct?,  page 71, or, page 114?.  Should we expect to see the miscreant page sacked in next month's copy?  Will a new page position be advertised down at the job centre?

Hope you're advice on the Arcam Rpac is sound (Terrible pun I know!) since I've just ordered one based on your recommendation. £135 from Sevenoaks (on line)



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RE: OK...Which article is correct?

Apologies for that - the Buyer's Guide redesign has thrown up a couple of gremlins. This should've been the B&W MT-50, not the -60.

The page in question has been disciplined and has promised to get it right this month.


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RE: OK...Which article is correct?

I'll 'av you Butla' excellent!


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