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No Samsung HT systems in Oct issue?...

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 Just received the october issue, great as ever and very happy to continue to subsrcibe..

 I recently bought a Samsung 40a656, largely based on your intial reviews actually having given it 5 stars although it's since been downgraded to 4*'s but is now £300 cheaper than review price, go figure..bought it for £759 and i think it's superb value!!

Anyway i saw an early preview of Samsungs HT-X710 and HT X715's on your website in March and was hoping to have seen a full review by now but so far nothing, in fact there are very few reviews on the web full stop even though they both seem to be widely available?

 Is there any chance of this happening, i'm not a hi-fi purest by any means so am going for looks (they both look great and obviously match the TV perfectly) and decent picture/sound performance hopefully but am loathed to commit until you review (the power you guys have over me!!) I think i prefer a 2.1 system as i don't want to clutter my lounge with too many speakers (or even maybe the Samsung HT-X810 if these are poor? - full review also?)

 Please review.....and please say that they are good!