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Naim UnitiQute2 review iTunes 128kbps track?

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Quest In the new Sept2013 issue, the Naim UnitiQute2 review says that it doesn't handle low-bitrate tracks very well & mentions that an old 128kbps track purchased from the iTunes store was used. I thought that all the 128kbps tracks were Fairplay DRM'd & that only 256kbps 'iTunes Plus' were unprotected?

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RE: Naim UnitiQute2 review iTunes 128kbps track?

Even the 256k iTunes downloads are 'sat on' compared to your own iTunes 256k AAC rip of the same track from a CD. (IME having done this and made comparisons myself.)

Given the price of iTunes albums then you might as well buy the CD (usually cheaper) and have the choice of what compression rate to use. (I favour 320k AAC VBR).

Then you'll still have the CD if you ever change your mind in future, or as a 'last ditch' backup.

More serious is how 128K internet radio broadcasts are handled. I find some built in internet radio tuners substandard to something like the 'Tunein Radio Pro' app via AirPlay.

Tunein Radio Pro uses the best available bitrate - like 320K on BBC R3 - whereas a lot of built-in internet tuners don't. (Only 196K on BBC R3 for instance.)  It also has a better GUI and doesn't lose your 'favourites' as some built-in ones have a habit of doing.



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RE: Naim UnitiQute2 review iTunes 128kbps track?

Radio Paradise - the Naim exclusive is nice though at c.320kbps.  Agree with TuneIN radio - a nice interface - and well worth using.


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RE: Naim UnitiQute2 review iTunes 128kbps track?



Does that matter!!??


Why buy a decent piece of hifi, only to subject it to music that's been hacked to bits!!


If you can afford a UnitiQute2, surely you can go out and buy the CDs of your 128kbps downloads and rip them properly!!


Whenever I download a compressed track (just to actually hear it firstly), I 'll then go out and buy the CD. Added bonus that other tracks on the CD may end up grabbing you more after extended listening!



Playing files at that low bit rate is akin to hooking up an Aiwa tape deck and playing a mix tape!! Having a biro to hand to take up the slack first naturally Smile


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RE: Naim UnitiQute2 review iTunes 128kbps track?

Now online... Naim UnitiQute 2 review


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