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My ears nead healing

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Beeing quite a novice in these subjects, and having my ears bleeding with what I've beeing hearing, I Finnaly decided to spend a certain amout of money to heal my ears.

But I don't have the expertise nor have the possibility of hearing what I have thougth woul be a acceptable choice.

Having read a couple of issues of What Hi-Fi I understood that the fact of a device beeing, individualy, wonderfull, does'nt mean that he will pair with another individualy fantastic one. In short, I woul like to know if a Rocksan Kandy L.III a Cyrus CD6Se and Monitor Audio Gs 20 may be the medicine I am in nead.

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Re: My ears nead healing

You might want to post this in the "HiFi" section, but anyway...

What sort of sound are you looking for - I'm guessing that from your comments, you want a smooth sound?

If this is the case, drop the Roksan (which is known for having a very forward presentation) and maybe look towards a Primare (apparantly pronounced prim-are-ay) amp - but at the prices you are looking at, you have to get yourself to a dealer and listen to the setups.

The Cyrus is a great CD player, and the GS20s are also good, but there are loads of options at the same price break as the GSs...maybe something like the PMC GBi's. I've heard these and they were stunning...


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