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2 channels dudes (like myself) got spoil in this issue :-)

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Re: 2 channels dudes (like myself) got spoil in this issue :-)

Well okay, but I used to be able to deal with the 25th January for the February issue, that seemed okay. And your remarks on currency still apply. 23rd Feb is still current in Feb. Ah, okay I get it... "end of the month, next one will be out soon so I'll wait and buy that.". I don't think most of us blokes plan that hard - in that case we probably won't actually get around to buying the next one either. Probably for the same reason.

As for feeling past it, well, way too late for that Smile

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Re: 2 channels dudes (like myself) got spoil in this issue :-)

user="Clare Newsome" wrote:

user="jules153" wrote:
Yes I thought it was a pretty good issue,

"Pretty good"? You're a tough audience Big Smile 

user="jules153" wrote:

I suppose Cyrus weren't included in the CD/Amp/Speaker test because they are about to release the new SE versions of their CD players ???? BTW when are WHF planning to test these players, may I ask?

You suppose correctly. We are in near-constant contact with (ie nagging!) Cyrus re the SE models, but have yet to see a test sample - the latest prediction is in time for our March issue, out February 7th.  

Oh well, we'll just have to wait!


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Re: 2 channels dudes (like myself) got spoil in this issue :-)

Some of us do worry about "NOTHING"! if you buy the mags every month (and you should as a forum member Smile then how would issue's name can effect anything.



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Re: 2 channels dudes (like myself) got spoil in this issue :-)

The Mag's issue name! you guys (and gals) actually realise what month is on cover, my receipt of mag goes something like this.

Receive issue 9-9.30 ish- (1 day after my friend gets it and invariably damaged by postie), Flick through-read "Reader Rescue", "Sound Advice" and "Temptations" in that order, read Clare's editorial-sorry Clare, (apologies Clare, I realised I keep spelling your name with an "i", I'm mixing up my Cla(i)res). Check out "What's New" and news on Bristol show.
read instant expert, ponder possibility of convinvcing wife to buy iGrado's to use with her Nano. Then read rest of mag and file.

Never even notice what month is on the cover, there have sadly been times when my friend has called me, asked if I have read this month's What Hi-Fi and he's had to tell me what's in it before I can answer him.