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My System option for user profile

Following on from my minor grumbles about excessively long signatures, would it be possible to add a 'my system' tab to each user's profile. On this tab people could specify all of their system(s) in intimate detail if necessary (down to the brand of anti-static turntable mat or rating of fuse they have in their gold plated shielded mains plug). Users could even upload a picture (or pictures) of their pride and joy. Clicking on a user's one line signature or user name takes them to a profile page where public user details and their system in all its glory can be viewed and read about.

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+1 on this. A shorter sig

+1 on this. A shorter sig makes threads easier to read (summary of kit) -with a full blown breakdown and pic fest on a "My Kit" link sounds pretty good.

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+2 Great idea.

+2 Great idea.

Line spacing needs.a.look. Fonts look poor on my PC but ok on tablet. Colour tweaks needed.

Adverts inevitable and accepted.but do they need constant refreshing on page change. Still very slow here - always need to click buttons several times before they register.

12-20 secs to go to 'active' from 'new & updated'. Is this typical?

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