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RE: Important notice - Internet Explorer users

bgw wrote:

Hi - I`m sorry to post here. But i have tried to make a topic, and it doesnt seem to work.

I choose a category, i make a title, and i write the body. I then have tryied both preveiw, and save. But  no text will come in the topic.

Would be great to get some help, to what i`m doing wrong.  (Also i ofc. type in the word verification.



It happens often, best thing you can do is type in your title then use the reply button to type in your question.

Hope this helps. Smile

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RE: Important notice - Internet Explorer users

Okay, thank you. I will try that later. Smile


Have a nice day.

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RE: Important notice - Internet Explorer users

Using Chrome, and can reply to open threads but not start one, it says it has but its not visable

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RE: Important notice - Internet Explorer users

OK, Thank you very much! I'll switch to 'compatibility mode' in IE. Or maybe I'll try the Google chrome.


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