2016 promises to be another big year for blockbuster movies, so we've rounded-up all the best trailers for the movies that we're most excited to see...

Whether you want to plan your cinema trips or your Blu-ray purchases, we’ve rounded up a bunch of trailers for the films we think are worth looking out for this year (with an emphasis on system-shaking blockbusters).

That includes the video game adaptation Assassin's Creed and the expansion of the Star Wars series in Rogue One.

We'll be updating this page throughout the year as new trailers are released. So, grab your popcorn...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

With The Force Awakens out the way, the Star Wars universe is about to get bigger. First up is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Rogue One stars Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso. She leads a group of rebel soldiers on a mission to steal the plans for the original Death Star.

Considering the events of A New Hope, we know they get the plans, but what happened to the rebel soldiers? We'll have to wait until December to find out.

Release date: 15th December 2016

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed follows Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender), who discovers he’s related to a 15th century Spanish assassin called Aguilar. Thanks to the Animus, he can relive his ancestor’s memories, attaining skills that could help in the battle against the Templar organisation.

Films based on videogames tend to disappoint, but we're hoping Assassin's Creed can reverse that trend.

Release date: 30th December 2016


Though Passengers might look like a rom-com, it is nothing of the sort.

Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as the titular passengers, they're hibernating on a spacecraft that's on a 120 year journey to a new planet. There's a slight problem. They've woken up 90 years too early.

As the spacecraft sufffers serious malfunctions, they have to find a way to save themselves and every else onboard. No pressure then.

Release date: 21st December, 2016

La La Land

Damie Chazelle's last film was the terrific Whiplash and now he's back with La La Land.

Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, it's about a jazz pianist (Gosling) falling in love with an aspiring actress (Stone), and the ups and downs of their relationship.

With musical numbers to go along with the drama, La La Land is a film you'll be hearing more about when the Oscars come round.

Release date: 13th January, 2016

Live by Night

After playing Batman/Bruce Wayne earlier this year, Ben Affleck is both in front and behind the camera for his latest directorial effort, Live by Night.

It sees him play the role of Joe Coughlin, a petty criminal embroiled in organised crime who finds himself beset by threats from all sides. Can he escape this life or will it take over him?

Release date: 13th January, 2016

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xXx: Return of Xander Cage

The original xXx was a demented action film that combined James Bond and extreme sports. Somehow, The Return of Xander Cage seems to upp the nonsense factor.

Cage returns to do, well, we're not quite sure what, but it involves a satellite falling to earth, 'motorbike skiing' and Barcelona footballer Neymar. Best not to think too much about this one.

Release date: 20th January, 2017

The Lego Batman Movie

After the huge success of The Lego Movie, Will Arnett's Batman gets his own film.

Having to deal with his own awesomeness, the criminals of Gotham City, as well as take care of the child he accidentally adopted (Robin, voiced by Michael Cera), he has to stop The Joker's plan and learn to be a part of a family.

Please God let it be better than Batman vs Superman.

Release date: 10th February, 2017

John Wick: Chapter 2

The Russian mob killed his dog and in return John Wick killed 56 people. An overreaction? Not in the slightest.

Wick's back again, forced out of retirement when a former associate invokes a blood bod to help him seize control of an international assassin's guild.

He journeys to Rome, Italy, where he has to face off against some of the best assassins in the world. Oh, and he has a new dog.

Release date: 17th February, 2017

The Great Wall

Zhang Yimou's made some gorgeous films but The Great Wall looks like it's from Michael Bay than esteemed Chinese director.

In it, Matt Damon plays a European soldier caught in foreign lands and now serving atop the Great Wall against a horde of monsters who attack every sixty years.

Sounds a little like Game of Thrones – in China.

Release date: 24th February, 2017


Set twenty years after the future events Days of Future Past, Logan envisions a world where the X-Men are no more and the remnants of mutantkind are being hunted by Nathaniel Essex, whom you may know as Mr Sinister.

Looking after an Alzheimer-addled Professor X, Logan has to protect a young girl called Laura, who's being chased by Essex and his Reavers.

Release date: 2nd March, 2017

Kong: Skull Island



Release date: 20th March, 2017

Beauty and the Beast




Release date: 10th March, 2017

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword



Release date: 24th March, 2017

Ghost in the Shell



Release date: 31st March, 2017