HDMI and video cables

Ecosse Picture Perfect Ultra Plus

For those who need a longer cable this 5m cable does a superb job

HDMI and video cables

Ecosse Picture Perfect Ultra

This HDMI cable serves up a bright, punchy image

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Ecosse The Baton Mk II

Although there's much to admire, the Baton Mk II struggles to combine vocals with instruments

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Ecosse Conductor CA-1 Original

The Conductor has lost its edge to newer rivals

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Ecosse Best Boy

A good upgrade or first 'serious' cable, but you can get more for the same money

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Ecosse Maestro MA2

The Maestro MA2 may be getting on in years but it remains an appealing buy

Speaker cables

Ecosse MS2.4

A massively detailed cable that reveals subtleties with refinement

Speaker cables

Ecosse Reference ES4.45

This speaker cable has a well separated, detailed sound but lacks in the bottom end

Mains products

Ecosse The Big Red SC MKIII

Ecosse's The Big Red SCMKIII lacks the excitement and dynamism of similarly priced leads

HDMI and video cables

Ecosse Prisma Premier+

Solid performance, but lack of low-light insight does for the Prisma