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Glacialpath wrote:

Glacialpath wrote:

nugget2014 wrote:

Seen lot of people tend to watch films at -20db but how loud is this, around 90db I am guessing? Not too bad. Like having decent volume level on films when neighbor is out but want to know first, today I played pacific rim for 5 mins on 15 volume on my sony str-dn1040 using dali ikon sub mk2 and it blew a light bulb! 

I used to listen at -25 on my amp but since I've done an auto set up and upgraded some of my cables I can now listen at -20.

For the size of you room mate I would have thought -25 would be fine. Up to you of course.


is there a website that tells me what the volume level in dB is for different volume ratings such as -20 -25 etc as i want to know how loud they are

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Hello mate. I don't is the

Hello mate. I don't is the answer to that. 0dB is obviously reference level but then of course that is what ever dB level the sound was recorded at or the sound created. I would hope different amps work at the same levels. Meaning reference level should be the same for all of us.

A decibel meter will giv you your answer. You don't have surrounds yet so those sound should be coming through the fronts which might make things feel louder and also the sound will be compremised with movies due to more sounds fighting to be heard.

So do you have a new mic for the amp now? 

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As GP says a meter will give

As GP says a meter will give you the SPL in your room , you can download one for free to your phone .

<S> and as everyone wants to know , did you get the mic and calibration working yet <S>



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Going to take mic in next

Going to take mic in next week and get a replacement. I have a sound meter already and I listen about 80db but didn't know if it was classed as -20 or -25 etc..

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I believe if you calibrate

I believe if you calibrate your system with a SPL meter (C rating and slow response) Volume knob turned to 0 dB and using 75 dB reference, then -30 would be 75 dB.


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