Chord Electronics


Chord Electronics Indigo

The versatile Indigo blends terrific sound with a whole host of useable innovations, including a DAC and iPod dock


Chord Electronics QBD76

Chord's innovative approach to design and far-sighted source options makes the QBD76 a simply glorious piece of hi-fi


Chord Electronics Chordette Gem

This isn't your conventional DAC, but rather aimed at laptop and music phone users who want to play music through their hi-fi


Chord Electronics CPA3000

After some improved updates this preamp really punches out the sound and looks very sleek

Power amps

Chord Electronics SPM 1050

Astonishingly fast and punchy-sounding power amp

CD players

Chord Electronics Choral One

Slick and stylish, this pricey player is near flawless, but for three grand it should be perfect