Chord Company

HDMI and video cables

Chord Company Supershield (5m)

It's still easy to see why this cable punches well above its price band with stunning sonic and visual performance

HDMI and video cables

Chord Company Active

One of the best cables we've seen for a while, this Chord Company HDMI has amazing sonic impact and capability

HDMI and video cables

Chord Company Supershield

It may look eyecatching, but this 1.4 toting Chord Company HDMI cable also has the ability to do the job, with punchy sound and crisp-edged images

Audio interconnects (digital)

Chord Company Prodac

The Prodac's another excellent cable from Chord Company, and will help your system gain drive. Unfortunately though, the price is high

Mains products

Chord Company SuperScreen

Chord Company SuperScreen mains cable will give your system superior solidity.

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Chord Company Indigo Plus

It might cost megabucks, but Chord's Indigo Plus is worth the money if you have the system to match

HDMI and video cables

Chord Company Silver Plus HDMI (3m)

Impressive cable but rivals now offer a more expansive spread of sound

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Chord Company Chameleon Silver Plus

With mounds of muscle, the Chameleon never tires of digging for detail

Speaker cables

Chord Company Carnival Silver Screen

Long-time champ overtaken by newcomers - but still a great performer

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Chord Company iChord

Designed specifically for iPod-to-hifi connectivity in mind. It sounds excellent.