Cambridge Audio

Micro and style systems

Cambridge Audio Sonata DR30/CD30

A decent, impressive system. But the performance, at the money, doesn't hit the musical heights

Hi-fi amplifiers

Cambridge Audio Azur 650A

The 650A is a worthwhile upgrade to Cambridge's excellent 640A. Partner it with the right equipment and you won't be disappointed

Audio interconnects (digital)

Cambridge Audio Optical

Despite our high hopes, Cambridge Audio's Optical digital interconnect just couldn't cut the mustard

Hi-fi speakers

Cambridge Audio S30

The S30s are classy-looking, sound superb, and offer an intriguing alternative to the established favourites at this level

Hi-fi amplifiers

Cambridge Audio Azur 840A V2.0

The 840A can form the hub of a simple multi-room system and features balanced inputs and a monster power supply

Home cinema amplifiers

Cambridge Audio Azur 340R

This is a fine, musical, simple 5.1 AV receiver, with a smart design, but it lacks power and bottom-end grunt

HDMI and video cables

Cambridge Audio HDMI 2m

A good upgrade need not cost this earth as this HDMI cable goes to show

CD players

Cambridge Audio Azur 340C

The Azur 340C's energetic delivery is one of its strengths, though it can go OTT at times, losing some detail in the process

Hi-fi amplifiers

Cambridge Audio Azur 340A SE

Cambridge, pretty much the master of budget hi-fi at the moment, adds another superbly good and cheap piece of kit to its already bulging stable

Home cinema amplifiers

Cambridge Audio Azur 640R

Big, exciting sound, but lacking high-def audio decoding