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powerful yet subtle sound
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It sometimes seems that Cambridge Audio's ethos is to be everything to everyone, and the DacMagic certainly covers all the bases.

So, while other manufacturers force you to choose whether you want standard digital (coaxial or optical) or USB connections, Cambridge offers all of them. There are digital and balanced outputs, too, alongside the stereo RCA.

Kicking off with USB, the Cambridge proves to be an across-the-board upgrade on the sound provided by a direct laptop-to-amp connection.

It takes and multiplies the punch and attack of some close peers, creating a more dramatic and thrillingly bouncy rendition of Gorillaz' Plastic Beach.

There's also plenty of weight and definition in the bass, and the complex set of sounds and instruments remains organised and well-defined throughout.

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There's little between the optical and coaxial connections in terms of sound quality.

Full-bodied and detailed presentationWe found the coaxial to be marginally more punchy, but try both if you can as your cable and source may provide different results.

Either way, both offer a full-bodied and detailed presentation, while electronic effects spread to the edges of the soundstage in style.

These strands don't quite, in fact, hang together as well as they might, and the Cambridge is easily baited to brightness by harsh compression.

But overall, the DacMagic's flaws pale into insignificance.

There isn't another DAC that offers the same features at a similar price. We're not just talking about the inputs, either: you also get a choice of phase filters to tailor the sound to your system and room, and there's even lights that indicate the sample rate of the incoming signal. Could you ask for more?

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