Boston Acoustics


Boston Acoustics TVee 26

A decent effort from Boston Acoustics, but it’s nothing remarkable

Speaker packages

Boston Acoustics SoundWare S

A dinky, yet substantial sounding package hindered only by a lack of refinement

Style speaker packages

Boston Acoustics Soundware XS5.1SE

Detailed, solid sound from this dinky, affordable speaker package

Hi-fi speakers

Boston Acoustics A26

A smooth, entertaining performer that works well in a range of systems

Hi-fi speakers

Boston Acoustics A-25

The A-25s deliver an impeccably judged and likeable performance

Style speaker packages

Boston Acoustics Soundware XS

Best style speaker package up to £500, Awards 2010. It's small, sturdy and well priced too

DAB/FM radios

Boston Acoustics Solo XT

The Solo XT is a simple tabletop DAB/FM radio: solidly built and easy to use, it delivers bags of bass and will easily fill a room with sound


Boston Acoustics TVee

Not worth the pricetag especially with better options available