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Lovely design and decent musicality are let down by woolly bass
Well built
smooth treble
Closed-in bass
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If we gave star ratings for design and build alone, the BlueAnt Embrace headphones would be a shoo-in for the full five. Their soft, on-ear cushions and headband feel solid and comfy in situ, and don’t feel like they’ll fly off if you move your head.

You get two cables, too: one with a remote/mic unit and a straight-through one, and also an OMTP adaptor for Android phone users – a thoughtful touch.

So, why only three stars? Sadly, they don’t sound as good as they look. They’re far from awful – they just don’t sound like £170-worth of cans.

On the plus side, they do a nice line in treble (never harsh, whatever the volume) and have a mellow character that works especially well with female vocals.

But their bass performance is too closed-in, at times swamping voices and fine detail.

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The sound will appeal to some – but try before you buy.

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BlueAnt Embrace

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