Sony PS3 Slim: full review and pictures

Sun, 30 Aug 2009, 9:56am

You can read our full review of Sony's new PS3 Slim here, and below is a selection of pictures we've taken of Sony's new leaner, fitter PS3 console for you to enjoy:







just got the new 250g ps3 slim ive got a 42inch lg scarlet but was wandering what would be the be best hdmi cable to buy for best picture and sound i would spend about £40 to £60 also in the near future would like to add a home cinema kit at the price range of about £300ish which would go with my tv and ps3 many thanks as i need help!!!

Did the review try HD bit-streaming to numerous AVRs ? I've read one review it's not playing ball with the Arcam 600 - well, it does if you like buzzing and pops - although this is more than likely down to the Arcam...

Yes, we did try it with a couple of receivers, but not the AVR600 AFAIK. Sounds like it may be a specific problem with the Arcam

I should also point out that Arcam has recently released a firmware upgrade for the AVR600 which has fixed many of the earlier bugs it was suffering from. This could be one of them.

Thanks for the review, I've been waiting for this. You say that the Blu-Ray performance is not as good as the BDP-S360. How does it compare to cheaper players, in the £100-£150 range?

Thanks again, Chris.

Well, they seem to be flying off the counters here in Bangkok....I was at one of the decent 'outlets' here and I think in the 10 mins I was standing there the guy must have sold 4 or 5 !

Still, considering the BD image is no different, the measured jitter output is actually worse than the original and I have the Asia only white finish + BD region free, I think I stay with what I have for the spare room...

Genfish - you can buy the Sony '360 for £160 - any cheaper than that and we haven't been too impressed to date.

In that case, I'll buy the player I think. Found it for £149.99 on if anyone else is thinking the same