NEWS: Is this the world's cheapest 20in TV?

Tue, 19 Jun 2007, 12:46pm

Cheap LCD Tv

Computer certainly thinks it is, but then as the manufacturer and sole distributor, it would say that. Even so, at an eye-catching if slightly puzzling price of £153, it's fair to say that it's cheaper than anything we've seen before at this size.

Despite the name of the retailer behind it, this isn't just a computer monitor either. The NQ211 has an integrated analogue TV tuner, boasts a familiar 1366 x 768 screen resolution and claims a 1200:1 contrast ratio in to the bargain.

Slightly curiously, Computer seems keen to stress that this screen actually measures a precise 20.1 inches diagonally - perhaps there's a cheaper 20in set available?!

Aside from that, all seems normal enough: video inputs include component, s-video, composite and DVI, and it's all presented in true, 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Heck, they even give you a remote control.

While you won't need a great deal of room to house the set, it can also be wall-mounted should you feel the need to truly tuck it away. After all, we're not quite sure whether it will look as "elegant" in the flesh as its proud manufacturer claims.

So is this TV more than just a loss-leading, headline-grabbing marketing gimmick? Who can say, after all, we've seen some genuinely impressive super-budget TVs and DVD players from the unlikeliest sources in the recent past - step forward Mogen and Tevion.

We'll be doing our damndest to get hold of one of these screens for review in our September issue ( in the meantime don't forget the August issue, out June 28th), where we'll be running down the very best budget small screens currently on the market.

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"Get what you pay for" springs to mind!!

Hope you got your money back.

.. Or you could pick up a 32in HD-ready Hannspree LCD here for just under £300

Where do I start. A piece of junk just to grab headlines, basically a PC monitor they've converted to a TV.

1. No scart connection

2. a nasty remote control that could just about pass as a childs toy and very poorly made

3. Speakers - The biggest quality problem of all. As they are very tinny and virtually no base even when turned up full. The speaker are what you would find on a bottom end notebook.

4. The instruction manual gives virually no information for setting up, shows a basic diagram of the rear connections on the monitor, but they don not match.

5. Try to tune in the channels manually and if it is below 783mhz ok, but if not it won't actually scan past that channel.

6. The saving grace is it was delivered in under two days, I only hope they are that quick to refund my money, as this was a real mistake.

7. You can only contact them via email for technical enquiries, very frustrating.