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Last blog from the DTG (Digital TV Group) conference

Dominic Dawes Fri, 6 Mar 2009, 4:40pm

 4:00pmLast up, we have Stephen Petheram, director of services for Microsoft TV. His talk is largely a series of hyperbolic stats about the (rude) health of the video games industry. And why not? Games consoles like the PS3 and the X-Box 360 ...

Live from the annual conference of the DTG (Digital TV Group): part 3

Dominic Dawes Fri, 6 Mar 2009, 3:40pm

Next up is Suranga Chandratillake, the CEO and founder of video search engine, Blinkx. Right now he's doing a brief history of search engines, but hopefully we'll get into the real 'future of television' next. Basically, his schtick is that ...

Live from the annual conference of the DTG (Digital TV Group): part 2

Dominic Dawes Fri, 6 Mar 2009, 3:19pm

Hi all. Ok, it's lunchtime at the Digital TV Group summit, and I've just got a few minutes to catch up before I go back into the fray to listen to more talk about the future of TV. At the end of my previous blog I mentioned 'Project Canvas' ...

Live from the annual conference of the DTG (Digital TV Group)

Dominic Dawes Fri, 6 Mar 2009, 12:45pm

11:40 am I'm blogging to you live from the annual summit of the DTG. Erik Huggers, director of BBC Future Media and Technology is giving the first keynote speech, on the future of television. His initial comments are about the BBC's ideas ...

It's all in the manual - but does anyone actually read it?

Andrew Everard Sun, 1 Mar 2009, 4:16pm

Had to give a presentation recently to the whole of our business group here at Haymarket, explaining why the forums are so successful.I kicked off by showing the audience a fistful of hefty manuals - one for an AV receiver, one for a ...

BD player giveaways have US retailers singing the blues

Andrew Everard Tue, 24 Feb 2009, 1:08pm

Consumers may be delighted that the price of Blu-ray Disc players has tumbled so quickly, but in the States retailers aren't so happy.It seems a hi-tech product they all hoped would provide them with a decent business for several years has ...

Why US analogue TV will be late for its own funeral

Andrew Everard Tue, 17 Feb 2009, 2:06pm

There's a funeral taking place in the States tonight – but thanks to new president Barack Obama, the body's not quite ready yet.The University of California's Berkeley Art Museum is hosting the event tonight, at which the public is invited to ...

Why Pioneer struggled in the States

Andrew Everard Fri, 13 Feb 2009, 4:58pm

While the questions continue to fly about the decision by Pioneer to pull the plugs on its display business, some interesting market analysis from the USA shows just why the company struggled to make headway even in a country where the big-screen ...

What you bought in 2008: from turntables to TVs – the surprising winners and losers as credit got crunched

Clare Newsome Wed, 4 Feb 2009, 12:37pm

 Did you know the average selling price for a 32in TV was £402 in December? Or that there were still around £2m worth of £1000+ DVD players sold last year? Or that turntables are the fastest-growing hi-fi product?Well you do now, and I'm ...

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Forget satellite TV on the move - now Americans are buying cars without radios

Andrew Everard Fri, 30 Jan 2009, 6:45pm

Buy a car - you remember, it involved going into a dealer and poring over accessory lists, colour charts and all that stuff? - and there are some things you take for granted these days. Like a sound system.Just about every new car on the market ...