1. Style speaker packages

    Style speaker packages

    These compact, stylish speaker packages will grace any room and prove you can have great surround sound without having to accommodate lots of big, ugly speakers

    Fri, 18 Oct 2013, 10:02am
  2. Speaker packages

    Speaker packages

    If you're lucky enough to have a room big enough to accommodate a full-size 5.1 speaker rig, then these are the ones to go for.

    Fri, 18 Oct 2013, 09:54am
  3. Subwoofers


    Bass. Some people can't get enough of it. Whether it's for extra rumble in those Hollywood action movie scenes or more low-end from your favourite bass beats, a dedicated subwoofer is what you need.

    Thu, 20 Oct 2011, 06:47pm
  4. Headphones


    Do yourself a favour - if you've just bought a new smartphone or tablet, ditch the free-in-the-box buds and upgrade to a decent pair – you'll be amazed at the difference they make. And if you need a serious set of cans for home hi-fi listening, we've got a broad selection of Best Buys to choose from.

    Fri, 29 Aug 2014, 10:00am