HDMI and video cables

Audioquest Forest

In the Forest, Audioquest has produced a cable that's a very close rival to Chord's all-powerful Supershield

HDMI and video cables

Audioquest HDMI-X

A real entertainer, thanks to the chunky bass delivery and enthusiastic presentation

Audio interconnects (digital)

Audioquest VDM-1

Smooth operator with refined and pleasing sound, and a really well-made feel.

Audio interconnects (digital)

Audioquest Optilink-A

Not the most impressive cable for £20

HDMI and video cables

Audioquest HDMI-1

There's something rather appealing about the finish of this HDMI cable

Speaker cables

Audioquest Rocket 33

The Rocket 33 boasts superb build quality but we'd like more subtlety and less glare