Audio Research

Audio Research unveils new combined CD player and DAC

CD6 to replace acclaimed CD5 and offer high-resolution digital-to-analogue converter with top-loading CD transport

Power amps

Audio Research Reference 75

A fabulous power amplifier capable of sonic magic


Audio Research LS 27

A fine, capable preamp that communicates plenty of information but might not stir the soul


Audio Research DAC8

Pricey DAC but one of the most organic-sounding digital products we’ve heard


Audio Research Reference 5

It's not going to win an award with its looks, but in terms of sonic quality, this preamp is the best we've ever heard

CD players

Audio Research CD5

Once again Audio Research has created a fantastic product that's also great value for the money

Power amps

Audio Research VS115

The VS115 is far from hi-fi jewellery, but it's a highly effective workhorse, delivering all the acoustic thunder you'd expect for more than five gran


Audio Research LS17

This is another top-class preamplifier from Audio Research. It’s a product that should serve you for decades, too


Audio Research Reference 3

This preamp has all the power and quality you will ever need. Even with a a high price tag, it's still value for money!