Speaker cables

Atlas Mavros (5m)

You'll need an extravagant system for these excellent speaker cables

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Atlas Mavros

As with the Atlas Mavros speaker cables you'll need a fat wallet but they offer excellent performance

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Atlas The Navigator

If you like to seek out the most subtle sounds, the Navigator is ideal

Speaker cables

Atlas Hyper 2.0

The Hyper 2.0 is a class-leading speaker cable that sounds superb

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Atlas Equator

The best-value stereo interconnect you can buy, and a 2007 Award winner

HDMI and video cables

Atlas HDMI

A very good performance for such an extremely long run

Mains products

Atlas Eos

This well-balanced cable delivers impressive depth and scale with both AV and hi-fi.

Audio interconnects (digital)

Atlas Compass

This coaxial cable may be expensive but it's worth it