Arcam FMJ D33

A fine-sounding, well-equipped high-end DAC but not best in class


Arcam AV888

Delivers excellent sound quality with the P777 power amp, but not without its flaws

Home cinema amplifiers

Arcam AVR-400

The AVR-400 is Arcam's entry-level home cinema amplifier, has a generous spec and a fast, musical sound


Arcam rDAC Wireless

No longer the default choice at the money, but a worthwhile contender nonetheless

Blu-ray players

Arcam BDP100

Despite its premium price tag, and fine picture and sound, the Arcam BDP100 has too many flaws

Dock systems

Arcam rCube

The rCube has the ability to send audio from one rCube to another, giving you a little multiroom syste

Home cinema amplifiers

Arcam AVR500

The Arcam AVR500 has a minimalist spec which may appeal to some, but not others


Arcam rDAC

Sturdily built, generously specified and, crucially, sounds every penny of the asking price

Micro and style systems

Arcam Solo Neo

The Neo has a more agile sound and extra functionality over the original Arcam Solo

iPod docks etc

Arcam irDock

Want to connect your iPod to an existing hi-fi system but don't want to compromise on sound? This'll do that