From the best turntables, to the ultimate vinyl test records and how to get your system set-up properly – this is your complete buying guide to joining the vinyl revolution...

Vinyl is back and it's here to stay. At least, that's what the sales figures suggest, with Record Store Day sales up 742 per cent in 2015 and sales of turntables at John Lewis up 240 per cent.

So whether you're buying your first turntable, replacing an old deck or looking to upgrade your existing record player, we can help.

Firstly, we've rounded-up the best turntables around, whatever your budget. There are a smattering of selections at the budget end of the market, plus a selection of premium turntables if you're looking to spend a little more money.

Next, you'll need to get it set up properly. Fear not, our step-by-step How To guide will ensure you get the possible sound quality from your turntable.

Last but not least, we've compiled a list of our favourite vinyl records. From Charles Mingus to Massive Attack, there should be something for everyone.

Job done? Then you can sit back and enjoy our behind-the-scenes look at how they master records at Abbey Road Studios or our retrospective of the best turntables of the last 25 years... 

Best budget turntables

The boom in interest in vinyl has seen cheap turntables flood the market, with many all-in-one vinyl systems on the market for under £100. But you can do better.

As tempting as some of the super-cheap systems may be, it's worth paying a little more for better build quality and superior sound. Partner with some good budget speakers and an amp, and a budget vinyl system can be had for the right side of £500.

So whether you're setting out on your vinyl journey or on the upgrade path, we've rounded-up the best budget record players you can buy - with the most affordable coming on sale for just £159. Bargain.

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Best turntables 2016

Money no object? If you're happy to spend more than a couple of hundred quid then you'll want to peruse our list of the best players further up the price range.

Many of these turntables have been on our radar for some time, with a small group of brands churning out the best machines on the market for some time.

Whether you want the best turntable under £500, or you're prepared to break the bank and spend £000s on some of the tastiest slabs of hi-fi money can buy, we have a recommendation for you.

Culled from our turntable reviews over the last few years, these are the best decks whatever your budget. The choice is yours...

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How to set up your turntable

If you've decided which turntable you want to buy or you want to make sure you're getting the best out of your current deck, then this is the guide for you.

From sorting the necessary support, to installing the tone arm and perfecting the tracking weight, our turntable set up guide will set you straight.

You can follow our advice in text or video form, and once you're done you can rest assured that you're hearing your vinyl at its best.

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Best vinyl records to test your system

Now you've done the hard work, you can sit back and relax. But what to listen to?

Combining top-notch songs and high-quality sound is easier said than done, but we've rounded-up a selection of our favourite test discs that, in our opinion, do just that.

From Daft Punk to Massive Attack, Frank Sinatra to Brian Eno, there should be a heavyweight piece of vinyl for every taste.

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