Advance Acoustic Advance Acoustic MAP305 II

Product Description

From manufacturer: The amplifier MAP 305 II combines a superb presentation, rational design and perfect technical rigour.

The MAP 305 II consists of a partitioned ultra-rigid frame, providing effective shielding, which eliminates any risk of interference between the different circuits of the device.

Components are carefully chosen and selected. The high power toro�dal transformer (600 VA) is linked to a hybrid assembly of FET transistors and of high current bipolar power transistors, which give MAP 305 II awesome performing power. Indeed, MAP 305 II produces an output of 100 W per channel in class AB *, the first 20 Watts are in class A*. The commutation from Class A* to class AB ** is automatic.

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Advance Acoustic

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Advance Acoustic

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MAP 305 II

Product Name

Advance Acoustic MAP305 II

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MAP 305 II

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