Acoustic Energy

Speaker packages

Acoustic Energy Neo V2 5.1

The Acoustic Energy Neo V2 5.1 package could well appeal if you have a large room

Hi-fi speakers

Acoustic Energy Neo V2 Three

The Acoustic Energy Neo V2 Three floorstanders look the part and deliver impressive bass

Speaker packages

Acoustic Energy Active Pro 5.1

With its incredible all-round performance, Acoustic Energy's Active Pro Sub Sat 5.1 package represents great value, even at £3000

Speaker packages

Acoustic Energy Radiance 5.1

Acoustic Energy's 5.1 Radiance package packs a lot of appeal but isn't all that we ask for

Hi-fi speakers

Acoustic Energy Radiance 1

The new Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 hi-fi speakers are good, but they're not entirely the finished article

Hi-fi speakers

Acoustic Energy AE1 MkIII SE

A number of revisions to the AE1 MkIII have resulted in an even more musically involving speaker, with agility, detail and forceful dynamics

Hi-fi speakers

Acoustic Energy AE22

Genuinely great speakers – their punch, dynamism and large soundstage is impressive

Hi-fi speakers

Acoustic Energy AE22 Active

Breathtaking performance; you won't find better sound for less than a grand

Speaker packages

Acoustic Energy Aegis Neo 5.1

Not afraid to deliver a gung-ho, neighbour-waking level of sound, but it can tread more carefully when required

Dock systems

Acoustic Energy Aego M-System

Feed the Acoustic Energy system any kind of line-level signal – computer or iPod, for example – and it does okay, but can be beaten by others