What Hifi AwardThe Big Event

For 25 years, the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards have provided a roll-call of the hottest home entertainment buys.

Best of the Best

Each year we present the Best of the Best – they're the only Awards that can literally make or break a product.

In the months running up to the Awards, we test all the new products coming to market and pick Best Buys in a range of price categories, plus an overall Product of the Year.

And the winners are...

All the top names in consumer electronics submit latest kit to be reviewed in the magazine's unique test facilities.

From the smallest MP3 player to the biggest flatscreen TV, winners represent the best home entertainment kit over a range of budgets.

The winners are unveiled at a prestigious event held in a glamorous hotel in London's Park Lane, and are showcased in a special issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

"Ours are the only Awards that can literally make or break a product" Clare Newsome, Editor-in-Chief

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