RX-V565 user reviews

Yamaha RX-V565

Tested at £450

Perfectly decent, just not the daddy at this price point


Yamahas always get labeled with having flabby bass. I know what they mean as they sound overly bassy needs a bit of control on this front.

I bought the Yamaha RX-V465 recently and i'm really pleased with it. The sound is excellent with plenty of bass coming from it. Would definitely recommend it.

I expected it makes sound like v663.

I also say it is lack of the bass.

Pick more higer level like v765

Thanks for the review, now we need a few more reviews so we can make a choice. yamaha RX-V775, is it as good as the RX-V863? Onkyo TX-SR607 and TX-SR706. Denon AVR-1610 and AVR-1910


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