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Yamaha RX-V1900

Tested at £1000

At this price, the RX-V1900 can't put a foot wrong – it's a real jewel in the Yamaha range


Have had this amp for a couple of years now and am still deeply impressed with its ability to immerse me into the soundfield , i drive it pretty hard and often and not a glitch to be seen or heard , bi-amped and video out via HDMI is superb , driving New Zealand made Image loudspeakers (google please) and running a velodyne spl-r 1200 with QED and eichmann power , sounds fantastic at all levels , just played Adele's Albert Hall Concert and TinTin on bluray and for an affordable amp was spatial , engaging and pin sharp at reference levels although not THX certified but on 0db anyway. I think a few years left in the old girl yet. Top marks Yamaha...($1750 nz new )...KIWI

I've always said the 1800 and 3800 were stunning bits of kit, and were worth more than they are....the 1900 and 3900 are no different and have also been improved. After watching a few recent releases (Iron Man/Kung Fu Panda, and rewatching The Orphanage), i'm still stunned at how good my system sounds, and that's using a 3800. Huge scale, unbelievable weight, scary sub bass, and an extremely convincing soundstage. Oh, and stunning picture too. What more do you need?!

Does anyone know if it takes spades?

It is only £711 from Exceptional-AV with WHAT HI FI's promotional code.

Good review and I concur with everything, its one fantastic A/V receiver, have had mine now a couple of months, definitely no regrets.

Great AV receiver astonishing sound. I own one

I have been using the RX-V1900 for over a month now.

There are several things I like about this receiver.

1. Awesome connectivity

2. Good build quality

3. Power

4. Bi-amp functionality

I have my Dali Blue 6006 speakers bi-amped and they absolutely love the power.

As a home cinema amp, it is just awesome, the volumes you can push this to whilst still retaining control is awesome, vocal clarity on dialogue is clear and powerful.

When spinning a CD, it is pretty good too. However I will agree with the official review that it does lack some detail and warmth that I was used to with the Marantz 5200 I was using before - that said I am starting to think that maybe is my speakers which are not a good a match as they were to the Marantz.

Highly Recommended.

I pick mine up in the morning.. Certainly a big upgrade from my Marantz SR-5200 Wink

Picked mine up for $1749AUD.

Good review.

I have owned the 1900 now for around thirty movies/200 cds of pleasure. Or, for enough time to understand the ins and out of using the buttons and menu's to get the best sound for my two ears and most of my skin.

I have the 1900 connected to:

Fronts are Paradigm Monitor 7

Center is Paradigm CC-270

Rears are Paradigm Atoms.

Sub is Velodyne SPL-1200.

I have used other receivers with these speakers and when I had sorted the settings out with the 1900 my speakers sang better than ever.

I have Freeview HD TV settop box and therefore use the HT for all my TV viewing pleasue along with music, movies and gaming.

I love it LOUD and I like a weekly dose of one or two songs at ear destroying levels of sound pressure. The Yamaha does not dissapoint.

The OSD is a bit 1985 but navigating around the menu is simple enough. The remote, (WN98390) is laid out well and is a learning type remote with preinstalled codes for many different components.

The center nav buttons are a bit on the stiff side however.

The front of the Yamaha oozes quality with a nice alloy vol knob and thick chunky door that glides down like butter melting on pancakes. The buttoms feel solid and click with a nice snappy action. The display is proportunate to the face and can be read from the usual distance of laziness. You can plug all manner of junk into the front source ports and because of the bottom hinging door on the front the lead will be suppoted a little.

The top of the case has plenty of venting holes punched in it so one can see all the nerdy bits inside. Build quality looks to be solid enough for something made on the factory line by underpaid children working for food. It gives off heat and a smell like electronic resins loosong their oils.

Around the backside are all the connective goodies. The speaker terminal quality is a bit poor. The knobs wobble a bit and the wrench suppplied is a a bit of a joke. I would not want to tighten them too much more than a couple of foot pounds. I plug bananas into them, so heave ho.

The other connections and terminal junk is good enough. I aim to fill as many holes as my girlfriend will let me. (The Yamaha that is)

This machine has plenty of power and for those of you who know my model of speakers will know what a good match this black block of big banging power can do.

The sound processors, filters and decoding stuff works well with big booming accross the room stuff for the the action movie junkie. On the other hand delicate noises and the DSP setting work when the late night session begs. My neighbours have a contract on me for my afterwork moderate power stress relief.



Nice looking.

Not stupidly priced.

Does what it says on the can.

All the specs like HDMI upscaling and all that other guff.

Heats the room up.


Tight remote buttom or four.

Crappy speaker connections.

Going deaf.

Basic OSD.

Huge instruction manual.


Good value for money, (paid 2350 $NZ)

If you are looking for a reliable well branded receiver then buy one.

Way better than a transister radio.

5 Stars??? A "direct" comparison with the Denon of stereo music told me this: while it's pretty good and it will give a run for the money to the Denon AVR 2809CI this Yamaha sounds just like a  ..... Yamaha: "HI-FIish"

The same sound the whole line carries: a lack of weight from mid, and lower mid that makes the treble sound more extended and clearer but totally lacks in palpability -especially for male voices in particular or lower mids in general.

The bass is ultra quick if not very deep so there's that and on first impression the sounds seems clearer than the Denon, but it's mostly due to a lack of lower mids, so there's your compromise.

Kudos to Yamaha for including an HD tuner, that should be standard by now.


sorry to write in caps but I LOVE IT!

new to all this av stuff and I can't think for my life why I haven't jumped into this before?

my 1900 is powering qacoustics, not the best speakers in the world - but good enough for me and my movies, and 80's music blasted at stupid sound levels

I LOVE MY 1900!

big matt


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