PDX-50 user reviews

Yamaha PDX-50

Tested at £200

It's still a worthy product, but close rivals have gained the edge


Erm, no they don't - both the B&W Zeppelin Mini and the Bose SoundDock II cost £250. In both cases we'd pay the slight premium, as you get a true lift in performance over the Yamaha.

But the Yamaha remains an excellent product, with wireless capabilities the others don't offer; that may matter more to some people, which is why we always a) urge you try before you buy and b) say that four-star products may suit you better than five-star products if they offer a particular feature/style/sound you're after.

Have bought one for Xmas. Presumably signal from Ipod using radio will be decent?

Can you tell me how the Yamaha PDX-50 can double up as an extra speaker for a TV or computer? I have one and cant figure it out.

I don't get it. The competitors you mention don't cost a few bucks more, but hundred pounds more. That is not a fair competition fellows. No reason at all to downgrade this product one star.

would you consider the Klipsch igroove HG at around a similar price a better buy?

yes but now the Yamaha is now available for less than 80 quid, surely that makes it outstanding value!


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