DSP-AX863SE user reviews

Yamaha DSP-AX863SE

Tested at £600

An expertly tuned AV amplifier that, sonically, is a cut above the other machines in this line-up


Sounds like it to me, especially when you take the price into account. It's now available on Amazon for £529.

For Ecellent value £465, Sounds OK  Against: No standby light indicator  could be dangerous. Pure Direct  blue light much too bright .  SACD multi-channel no sound from rear speakers when in STRAIGHT mode ( use 7.I Stereo)  however DVD & DVD Audio will. Manual insufficient explicit like most. Powwer cord much too thin.Recommend use with Pioneer LX50) DVD player HDMI 1.3 a. One lead only required for exellent sound & picture. Despite what What HiFi ? says pay no more than £10 for eexcellent Playdot Com Professional HDMI lead if they stll have them. Epensive leads are a total waste of money. Happy Listening & viewing

please...please...PLEASE make a silver one

Sounds absolutely awesome !

Out of curiousity I`ve had  to go and have a listen myself to the 863 which in your tests is being compared to , and beating , higher end amps from Denon and Onkyo .I would only change one word in your overall summary and that is replace "outstanding" with "excellent" .


Excellent sound quality with movies; decent results in stereo


Not quite the last word in extras for features addicts

Even without the change ,is that really a summary of an award winning av product ?

Sonically speaking, will this pass Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K ?

Interested to see who comes out on top when eisa gave the awards to denon this year..

hi! after reading many reviews ive just recivied my new yamaha dsp-ax863se today from HomeCinemaTv a bargain at £489 + £5 delivery (48hours) cant wait to get it hooked up when i've finnished upgrading my system!

Question: I have read from several sources that the unit will not upconvert component video signal through HDMI (only pass-through)... Can anyone confirm this?  To me this is a major negative despite the fantastic sound quality.  I tried it against the Denon 3808 and Pioneer Elites and it was much warmer sounding.


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