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Wharfedale Diamond 10.1

Tested at £200

The Diamonds had a good innings as five-star speakers, but fresh competition now offers more for the money


Diamonds it is... Well worth the money

Is there anybody, who can advice between these two speakers

                                        -Wharfedale diamond 10.1

                                        -Q Acoustics 2020i

                              which ones sound better?

I'd go for the Q Acoustics, the Wharfedales are a little past their prime.

Thanks Andy

 Cool I can't believe! How can Wharfedale produce such good speakers as these ones for such small price? I bought a pair of Diamonds 10.1 seven days ago and all I can say is this: these speakers are really "diamonds"  I couldn't find anything so good as these ones. These speakers sound so natural and tuneful and are happy to play anything.  At the shop were I bought these gems I tried the recents Dali zensor 1 and the Mordaunt short aviano1 but to my taste they didn't compare to the Diamonds. At first I was thinking in buy the Diamonds 10.1 for a second sound system but then I realized they should replace the resident pair in my lounge. The speakers that were in my lounge cost £700.

I have one of these and I am very and I mean very happy with them. I'd buy them a second time if I have to. Good Speakers for the money.

Very muddy-sounding speakers. Not recommended.

Go for Monitor BX2's if you can run to the extra £90. They are a much, much better buy!

I recently purchased the Diamond 10.1s with a Denon DM38-DAB and am delighted with my choice. In brief, I do believe these Wharfedales should have retained their 5-star rating, at their "on the street" price point, rather than the price quoted here. Benchmarking them against the Monitor units that cost 60% more, is a little harsh.

In my experience, there are two key set-up tips for these Wharfedales: they must be positioned at least 6 inches infront of the wall, or whatever is behind them; and they need anti-vibration feet between them and the stand, shelf or whatever they are placed on.

To expand on the latter point, I was initially disappointed with the bass clarity from these units, until I fitted a set of Atacama Gel Pad feet (£12), which completely transformed the speakers' performance, from mediocre to outstanding. In fact, I am surprised speaker manufacturers do not include anti-vibration pads with their "bookshelf" sized speakers, just as some include spikes with floorstanders, as I'm sure the manufacturing cost of these gel pads is well under £1 per set, and they go a long way toward ensuring users get the best performance from their products.

Bottom line - highly recommended.

I bought these speakers a few months back and have paired them with the Onkyo HT-R380, probably not the best choice for the speakers. I'm using them as the B option speakers (stereo), mainly for listening to Jazz and Rock music. I find the speakers lack any real clarity and I was thinking that this is probably due to the choice of amplifier. I would like to know if the sound would be greatly improved from these speakers by changing the amp and if so would anyone recommend a better amp.

No Tobias Kenning, there have not been any backhanders, so please don't make unfounded allegations you can't substantiate.

Amazing review team. Great encouragement for a poor old fellow like them.

Nope, sorry having experienced the original Diamonds and MK II in the 1980s, the 9.1 are much better than this clinical approach.  The 9.1 has desirable warmth plus the obvious bass character.  Having compared these to Mordaunt Short Mezzos and Dali Lektors I have ended up with the original 9.0 square diamonds connected to Sonos in my bedroom because they actually deliver the goods or Diamonds principle related to Sound Quality.

How can a tiny bookshelf speaker like this produce this amount of bass.  Simple because like the Pioneer A400 Amp they are the top 10 Hifi product ever to break the mould.

Shame that Wharefdale speakers are so expensive here in the UK considering its a British company, the 10.1 speakers are for sale in mainland Europe for as little as €108 and the 10.5 for €248 (RRP of £480), why the massive difference

The post software doesn't like the Euro symbol, the ??? is what it replaced the Euro smbol for

I've been using the 10.1's for a couple of months now, attached to my Denon AVR1909. They still keep suprising me when playing music with alot of detail in it.

I also bought the cord carnival silverscreen to connect them, and again soundquality went up a notch.

But I'm still trying to figure out if it would be a great difference if I were to bi-amp them to my receiver.

Btw Southfly, most webshops in Europe display the price per piece. So they do cost about 220euro's/pair. I bought mine at Eshop.nl

Great review, but i would be more interested in purchasing the 10.0 as i need smaller speakers.  They will be used for front l&r in a surround system and occasionally as stereo speakers for music. does the review remain the same for the 10.0 or are there compromises??

Do Not buy these speakers they are rubbish, Im sorry, but i think there has been a few back handers here WHF. these speakers just don't compare with the likes of the Mordaunt Short aviano 1's or dali lektor 1's, fine the Dali are a little dearer but there are much better, listen to a host of speakers before you buy these, which i would highly recommend you not to  

I'd love a pair but it seems a great review from What Hi-Fi and there are none in the country! Mine have been on order for 5 weeks now!!

Just received these speakers bought in the UK (eBay) and shipped to France.

I am impressed. I compared them with my B&W 805s and frankly, I am not sure which ones are the best.

There is a subtle difference.

The 10.1 have clearer and better bass whilst the 805s are softer and more Jazy.

But the difference is small and does not allow you to decide which one is the best. The 10.1 just cost 14 times less, that helps to make a decision.

I am now waiting for the other elements (10.SR, etc.) to be available to complete my 5.1 installation.


Distributed almost anywhere in the world except France.

I will not draw any stupid conclusion but still: WHY?

I live in Hungary and here Q Acoustics 1000 series cost about the same as Wharfedale Diamond 9 series, so Diamond 10 should be very similarly priced.

After reading the article it sounds obvious to buy the Diamond 10 instead of Q Acoustics. Am I right?

Product of the Year? Not bad speakers, but lack of bass is obvious. And there are other speakers with same size of box with 12 cm midbass speaker and there are cheaper. Diamond 9.2 are much better, than 10.1... even I haven´t heard other models (except 9.5, but its florrstanders). May be 10.2 are better, but price is too high.

Obviously I thought the frequency responce of the Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 in the lower frequencies compared to that of the Diamond 10.1, that WhatHiFi reviewed so generously, would justify the additional 50� that I payed, and besides that, my neighbours wouldn't like me if I had a huge subwoofer dancing around on my floor.

However, when it comes to my taste of music, I have to disqualify myself as a listener, since it seems I'm one of a kind; there's noone like me. I seem to be able to listen to Pantera's "Cemetary Gates" one minute and then suddenly a harmony paints itself in my subconsciosness that will make me set the next track to Samuel Barber's "Adagio Opus 11" (I'd give a shred of my skin of my left arm to experience Opus 11 LIVE).

But this is exactly where Wharfedale's Diamond 10.2 fail: They sound very precise and overwhelming when you're listening to Samuel Barber's "Adagio Opus 11" or Toni Braxton's "Unchain My Heart" or Whitney Houston's "I'll always love you" - although they lack a little synergy. However, once you listen to some hard rock, they sound like they're under water. Their powerhandling while playing hard rock like Pantera or Megadeth is so wrong, that you'd wish you would have bought a set of old Cerwin Vega's, they simply can't handle the combined pressure of bass- middle and treble being pushed out at once - while rocking. They're like a painter with no paint, under water. But you'd rather see Van Gogh tear off his ear.

Nothing ever gave me greater pleasure (audible pleasure) than my old B&W DM602S3 when listening to Smashing Pumpkins' "Soma" or Pink Floyd's album "The Wall", although they (B&W DM620s3) lacked a little synergy in the upper frequencies.

Basically, what I'm saying is, that my Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 will become my rear-speakers once I find some decent fronts. If you like rock&roll, they're probably going to disappoint you.

Avreview gave it 9/10 with the only con being that it is quite bulky. I don't find them bulky at all, in fact they are quite compact compared to my previous bookshelf speaker. Seems that wharfedale created the perfect budget speaker...

Review here:


As an avid listener to hi-fi for many years I can honestly say these 10.1's are awesome.

Having owned a wide range of speakers from many manufactures such as celestion, kef, acousic energy, mordaunt short, B&W, Sony, Martin Audio, and many more... For �200 the 10.1's are worth every penny.

I'm currently running them with a Yamaha 365 AV amp and they love eachother Smile.

But.. don't be fooled by comments like "they are not fussy about positioning" they are fussy.

Get them on a solid and i mean SOLID pair of stands and they will totaly come to life.

The only downside is a slight lack of punch to the chest but can't expect too much of that given the size and price.


which ones sound better, 10.1 or 10.2?



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