X-Series NWZ-X1060B user reviews

Sony X-Series NWZ-X1060B

Tested at £279

Sound quality will threaten the iPod Touch but in terms of multimedia performance it falls short


"Does it sound better or worse than the Ipod touch?  Is the picture quality better or worse?"

This is a question that we would address in a 'Group Test'. On the subject of sound quality, we think, and say, that it's 'excellent', so this should be some indication. Look out for the Group Test where we will compare this Sony with other products.

It's interesting you should mention the iPod Touch, though. Clearly - as you seem to agree - this is the product that is directly comparable. This, you must agree, can only be because it offers similar features, i.e. web browsing? It seems strange for you to then say you're only interested in music playback.

If you're only interested in music playback, and have no interest in web browsing, there seems little point in buying a product where you pay a premium for the extra functionality (that you have no interest in).

You're probably better off focusing on a player that concentrates more specifically on music playback and offers a far larger hard disk for your money in to the bargain. The 120GB iPod Classic is a good place to start.

As a note, this is the official UK version that we used for review...similar reviews have used the pre production prototype from Japan, which sounds very different.

how hard is it to put flac in these machines its free for god sake this gos dobley so for apple as thay use to support flac flac sonds way better then apple lossless the only digital format i've found better is aiff

I have this mp4 player since Monday. Play.com had a very attractive Christmas deal on this player! The sound and build quality are extremely good. On these two fronts it's way better than the Touch. The touchscreen of the X is also excellent imo: very fast and accurate. Web browsing is a pain so if that's important  to you than you need to look further. If you want the best audio-videoplayer on the other hand than this is the one to buy. It feels as a premium product and that's exactly what it is. The included phones are also better than those you get with the rivals. The omnipresent white iPod earphones are rubbish so they don't compare at all to the Sony's. I believe that these are even better than the Apple dual driver earphones, which aren't half bad either.

In conclusion: the X1060 is highly recommended, except if you want a true multifunctional device that browses well on the net.

I think Sony need to rethink their naming conventions.

Apple have really simple names - iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPhone, with the capacity after the name, e.g. iPod Touch 32GB.

Sony have X-Series NWZ-X1060B etc!   Which just trips off the tongue ...

Simply the best sounding portable music player I have ever heard. My ears made the decision - I had to have one.

To back up what Joe says, I own an iPod Touch and most certainly use it for web browsing - as well as checking/sending emails, storing my photos/videos and yes, listening to music.

If I was thinking of buying a Touch today I'd also consider the Sony X, and therefore I'd most certainly want to know how well it handles web browsing and other 'multimedia' activities.

After all, that's partly what it's designed for.


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