STR-DH810 user reviews

Sony STR-DH810

Tested at £300

Best receiver up to £300, Awards 2010. The ’DH810 is a fantastic, affordable amp, and the perfect foil for an entry-level home cinema system


ive got this amp and have had a few early teething problems but those being of my own making , now i have the amp set up correclty i love it a great piece of kit , sound placements and effects are sharp even at low volume(neighbours) speech is very claer and also sounds good playing mp3. for the price this amp is a must love it .

My faithfull £2000 Denon AVC-A11SR Has just died, this ran a 9.1 B&W system with a M&K subwoofer which sounded fantastic, but to replace this with the same Denon spec would cost between 2-3 thousand pounds and in the very same week my Sky box decided to give up the ghost, well not a good week!

So to buy the Sony STR-DH810 I was very sceptical indeed, after much research I have just purchased one from Peter Tyson in Carlisle for £229.90 including next day courier delivery (Fantastic Service)

What has impressed me with this amp is the new technology plus 4 HDMI in, 1 out to the TV which is upsampled to 1080P, True HD, Pass through, if you wish to use it.  I have chosen not to use this facility which is great because this sony 810 is compatible with my Panasonic 50" Plasma so everything switches on and off with one button, the amp fills my speakers with the same enthusiasm as did the Denon coupled the sky HD box, but where this amp is just streets ahead is when you connect it to a blue Ray player, in true HD, it just come alive, the surround and sub blasts around the room its just brilliant.

So do I recommend the Sony STR-DH810 for £230, Oh Yes, could I justify 2-3 thousand pound difference for a top notch amp against this sony, not a chance, its not that far behind! (What Hi-Fi have given it five stars) I would give it 99% with just 1% deducted as it does not have the 9.1 facility, but then how many people run that sort of set up? and for the price the 7.1 set up is very impressive indeed.

I have seen people criticise the instruction manual as complicated, trust me, after the Denon AVC-A11SR instruction manual, its a walk in the park, the Sony even has auto set up for the speakers with a little mic which you just tape to the back of your favourite chair where your head rests, press a button on the remote and the amp does the rest, remove the mic all done enjoy.

I always found the cheaper Sony stuff sound tinny, cold and abit harsh. I have always felt they never had they had enough bass for proper speakers. However they do work well with sub sat systems for example speaker kits that do not use proper cones. One of them lifestle super skinny speakers are your best bet with these budget Sony amps. Concentrate on the speed and processing aspect more when partnering kit with them.

Picked one up for �250 from Richer sounds and for the money i'm extremely happy with the performance @Bobbyx why write a review over something your haven't heard or own?


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