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Sony STR-DG820

Tested at £300

Brilliant all-rounder – this receiver will take some beating


Official statement from Sony:

When using a Sky box with an STR-DG820 or STR-DA2400ES receiver via HDMI, it's not possible to achieve surround sound, as the Sky box only delivers stereo audio from the HDMI connection. You need to use a separate optical cable between the Sky box and the AV receiver - HDMI for video and the optical cable for surround sound. The issue will be resolved via a software update implemented at the factory. For the current STR-DG820's in the market place a free update will be available please contact Sony CIC 08705 111999.

Sony has confirmed there is a problem, and that a fix is in hand. Details at


Sony customer service are now aware of the issue - let us know how you get on/how the issue is resolved.

CIC 08705 111999

Received mine today from HiFi Confidential bargain at £239 incl delivery. Set-up was straight forward. The auto calibration was a doddle it took just seconds to work everything out. Great to have a dedicated blu ray hdmi socket. As I only use this with a projector I can't comment about other connections. The sound and picture quality is fantastic. It quite rightly deserves 5 stars and if you can get it for £239 why wait.

My DG829 arrived today. I have just connected it up. Quite a job I found it to be quite a job to connect the speakers, V+Box and PS3, the speakers being the most time consuming exercise. I have one issue that I haven’t been able to resolve and that is the TV sound.

Should I require TV sound in it’s own i.e. not the full blown surround sound, I thought it should only be necessary to switch the amp on and expected to be able to control the TV sound through it’s own remote. No such luck. The “volume bar” shows on screen and moves as selected but no sound is admitted from the TV speakers. (The TV is a 42 inch LG LCD)

I would have expected that the sound would have been transmitted with the video signal to the TV through the HDMI cable and hence enable me to still control mono/stereo volume through the TV remote.


Sorry DG920 nor DG829

If it has no analogue inputs then surely this will mean SACD and DVD-Audio will be 'down sampled'? (the silly phrase that really means degraded!)

This is a great box for the price (c £220 from Richer Sounds) BUT it will not convert analogue input to HDMI output SO even if you connect your DVD player via RGB component it will not be output through the HDMI to your TV - you need to connect TGB through to the TV as well and presumably then have to switch the TV input? Sort of defeats the object.

I have Virgin Media HD box and that carries the sound through HDMI with no problem.

Otherwise sound quality for me (I have nothing too special, 4 old Diamond I and II s and a Gale centre) is superb for the cost. I found an ol Sony sub on eBay for £40 and it site behind the TV - impressive sound on CD/SACD and BluRay

is this amp well matched to the Jamo A102HCS5 5.1 Speaker Pack ?

hi everyone.

No doubt about this amp, but it should have OSD.


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