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Sony STR-DA2400ES

Tested at £500

It may be an old-timer now, but it’s still one of the best amps £500 can buy


Totally fed up with mine. Have just received my second one in a week from Amazon and they both refuse to output any decent volume on the centre channel. Have checked connections, tried 3 different speakers, 4 cables and numerous settings.

REALLY disappointed with this rubbish.

This is a good home cinema amp, used every day by the wife and kids for freesat, blu-ray, and ps3.

I like it for the music it makes when I just want to play cd's.

Had the Sony str-db940 for years, excellent! Then with the new sound formats available on blu-ray I decided to buy the str-dg820. Good but a little basic (wife missed the neat blue light on the front panel and the two way remote)Now have the blue light back, but the same cheesy remote. Oh well, you cant have everything.

When I first received my Sony STR-DA2400ES, which I purchased (mainly) due to What Hi-FI's online review, I had to go back to check I had got the right model number. What they were saying didn't really correlate with what my ears were hearing.

However, I should have realised, that after 2 to 3 weeks of regular use (running-in), the sound has improved significantly, and what What Hi-Fi were saying really does makes sense, and is accurate.

This Amp sounds great!

I tend to listen to more CD's and MD's than DVD's or Blu-ray, so it was important to me that this receiver delivered in this area too - and I'm pleased to say that it does.

The Multi Stereo mode - which outputs two Channel Stereo sound from all 7.1 Speakers - is excellent.

The sound is taut, presentation is fast, and bass is well controlled, and delivered.

I am happy with my purchase.

Sony str2400 does not upscale my set-top box when connected with HDMI (give 720p in my sony 52W4500).

I think when picture is through HDMI and sound is through optical, the quality of sound is much better than when through HDMI. I am right?

I tried to connect set-top bx to component 3, but there is no picture, only sound..    

I have just bought this in the richer sound christmas sale to replace an old harman kardon unit. I bought it after reading online reviews and was a bit apprehensive at first buying without a trial but at richers prices it didn't take much consideration. It worked really well straight out of the box on normal freeview stereo transmissions - very well balanced natural sound, and when I set up the surround, which took about 20 seconds using the supplied microphone, I was amazed watching 'Revenge of the sith'- even before it started the thx logo with its sound effect really impressed and on 'I am legend' I kept hearing effects I had never heard before. My harman kardon was about 7 years old and before that I had a denon but I have never had surround sound like this before, you are totally enveloped in the large sound stage and the dialogue is very clear ( old 1930's house with large bay window and TV typically across a corner) - it is very well balanced on my wharfedale diamond 9's front and rears no sub with chord cables. I have no hesitation recommending this to anyone wanting a cheap (£377 at this time) av receiver with a well balanced natural sound.

Take note everybody, apparently this receiver has a known problem with it's hdmi board.  In particular the hdmi "sat" input ceases to work.  If you are not using all hdmi ports at the moment, make sure you try them before the warranty expires because the local Sony service engineer just told me this is an extremely expensive board to replace.

Also, when Bi-amped in 5.1 and configured with a second pair of stereo speakers - Spkrs B (in my case in the kitchen) when I switch to Spkrs B the left front main speaker (spkrs A) does not mute.  Any one else noticed this problem?

I have to say that these faults aside the amp sounds as great as all the reviews say.  However after always having Yamaha home theatre amplifiers (which are still in fine working order in other rooms / houses) in the past and never having any problems with them whatsoever I am more than a little disappointed with the reliability of this Sony receiver.

I wonder if What HIFI tested the video upscaling when they reviewed this receiver?

I only say this because upscaling from component is unwatchable in my opinion.  I have tried 2 different DVD players, a Nintendo Wii, 2 sets of component cables and different component inputs, also this is my second 2400 (first was returned because of the problem.  The problem is that the picture is very noisy when a dark image is being displayed e.g. Opening / end credits, space scenes etc.  I'm not being fussy as even my wife has said it's terrible Wink

Picture quality when plugging component straight into my KDL46X3500 is 10x better.  Better colour, sharpness and contrast and that is using the scaler built into the TV.

This can't be right?

The sound is great though.

Cool receiver.  Got one this week for 370 pounds because of discounting for the new model due soon.  I think supply is pretty much exhausted now?


I run my Xbox 360, Wii and Sky HD through it upscaling component to 1080p and cross converting everything to the HDMI output.  PQ is great - no issues.  The Xbox and Wii never looked better - scaling is better than my Panasonic 42PZ80B plasma.  I think the previous reviewer with video problems has something setup wrongly or has faulty kit.  I'm normally very sensitive to video problems and I can't see any, except that a "clean" Wii picture is quite pixellated!


Superb compared to my previous Yamaha receiver - lovely and rich.  I have it connected to four Tannoy mercury (2xM1, 2xM3) speakers and a big Yamaha sub. So I have a "bright amp to warm speakers" setup.  Even at low volume film surround effects are much clearer and cleaner than the Yamaha.

A blu-ray player is now on my horizon so I can enjoy the full HD audio and video experience.

I am a happy bunny.

Can someone please tell me how this amp is SKY+HD compatible. All my components are Sony Bravia-sync and connected via HDMI and all come alive when one is activated but I thought the Sat box would do the same if the amp was delayed to make it compatible????

What speakers in the price range up to �500 would you recommend? Would the Jamo's at �250 be a good match or the Kef KHT1005.2?

I just got another 2400es and yes it has a high level of speaker hiss on moderate volume, you have to manually turn down the speaker levels to lessen the effect. This 'has' to be a design fault!!! My old Sony 940 does not have this problem.

I seem to have a faulty one! The speakers emit major hiss when playing 'multi channel sound' from a dvd through the coaxial input aroung -17db, even when paused!

I have asked play for a replacement!              It was bought as an upgrade from a sony 940 av amp, which was good with movies but dire with music. The bass was very poor with cd's. This model is very pleasing in all sound departments, 'excellent' bass with movies and 'good' bass with music! Would be supurb with out the hiss.....!

I also bought one of these from Amazon (early Oct 09) and had problems with it.

First it wouldn't recognize the Sky HD sound input on the optical cable.

Second, one of the surround rear channels didn't seem to work.  I'd just swapped out a Sony 1200 ES, so was pretty confident the wiring & speakers were okay.

Sent it back to Amazon, & got a refund.  I think it was a grey European import, as the Sky fix didn't seem to have been applied.

I wonder if this was the problem that roger06 had?  I spoke to Amazon customer services & they didn't know where the unit came from or anything about the Sky problem.  I wasn't at all confident they could deliver a UK fixed model.

Ordered a new one from one from & all is rosy.

The unit decodes Sky HD multi-channel sound fine over the optical connection & Blu Ray sound is very impressive.  I've not done a back to back with my old 1200, but the 2400 seems clearer, deeper, and to go a lot louder and still stay perfectly clear.  

The sound effects in Blu Ray action movies really do make you jump out of the chair; but that might be due to the front l&r speakers being old MA400s, weighted with sand, and bi-amped through Audiolab 8000A & 8000P amps!!

The picture also seems a bit sharper through the 2400 than through the 1200.

Upscaled Wii pictures look fine (at 1080p on a 46" LCD).  Haven't tried the old VCR yet.

The only minor issue is that there are not many analogue video inputs, so with a Wii, and the old VCR, that's it, unless I've missed how to re-assign the inputs for DVD (used for X-Box) Sat (used for Sky) BD (used for Blu Ray).

I guess the old VCR will have to go!!

I'm really pleased with my 2400.  Does everything the What Hi-Fi review said it would, and that Blu Ray sound is just awesome.

Just purchased from richer sounds, £400 with a five year warenty and they threw in 20m of good speaker cable as well.

What can you say, the sound is briliant,

Running through 6 vibe monolith 3 surround, with a QUAD centre and AE sub the room rocks.

surround from 2 channels media is superb and video upscaling is far better than my sony 52" efforts.

I would say the remote is a bit iffy so get yourself a harmony 1 and enjoy.

You cant get better for this money will blow away most things under £1000


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