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Sony KDL-40EX503

Tested at £660

TV Product of the Year, Awards 2010. A fantastic addition to the Sony range, and one that should be sampled at all costs


bought this tv and can safely say it does have backlight bleed, had it replaced twice and all 3 had backlight bleed all on the top right corner and one with it on top right and bottom left. also noticed how patchy the backlight is when turn tv on to an input with nothing connected to it, turn the backlight up full and look across the screen from an angle tv had a line down the middle of the screen on two of them and all looked patchy this is also visible when using the home menu on the tv turn the backlight to full and you will see for yourself. not the "5 star" buy i was hoping for , looked very good with a blu ray but all full hd tv's should look good with hd source on them! also motionflow looks so unnatural it distracts you from what your watching .for anybody still wanting to buy this tv even with all the issues it is cheap in www.harveynormans.ie only 597euro

Bought this TV this week and it's fabulous. No backlight issues whatsoever, lovely dark blacks and great whites. It's miles better than the LG it replaces. Recommended.

Got mine early May 2010. What can I say? This would be my 5th SONY Bravia LCD. 40"V, 40"W, 40"X, 40"Z amd finally the 40"EX. Which of those does not have a backlight issue? Sadly the 40"V, which is also the cheapest.

My 40"EX has backlight bleed/clouding in both top corners. Motionflow is good, but with panning scenes its just simply not as what hi-fi puts it. Its a very mediocre television. Nothing about it made me excited. It is just another lcd TV and here I would like to start a bit of a debate:

I have literally read thousands of television reviews in the past two years. After distilling most of them, I can honestly say, that there is not an lcd TV that does not have some sort of screen uniformity issues. Some of us, swith on the TV, watch a program or movie and thats it. Others, (including myself) tend to marvel at the brightness and contrast, the colors and the black levels. After all, we have waited years to be treated to such audio visual splendour in our own homes. And lets face it, these TV's are not cheap.

So why do I feel that we are being 'experimented' on? Yeah ok, the screen is not perfectly uniform so what? For me its a big deal. So ccfl backlights does not work too well. So lets try LED. Oh my goodness LED has its own issues so lets do local dimming. Oh my word, after producing 100000000 models our local dimming is causing ghosting all over the place.

Frankly for the price we pay for some of this technology, it should be VERY GOOD. I dont care about the sound. Sound is very relative to the listener. But most of us can distinguish between black and white, or blue and red, if you follow.

I dont really care if my screen is not pitch black or the so called 'inky' black. As long as there is no information on the screen which is not coming from the source (TV broadcast, DVD, Blu Ray). Yes, Im talking about those white patches becoming every so bloody irritating when you are watching any source whith black bars at the top and bottom.

I feel this is all pathetic. And the major culprit here I feel is SONY. As you may have noted in my opening paragraph, I have not changed my brand - even though I am having a serious outburst here. But why can the guys and gals at SONY, not try to make the screen uniform. For an entire year, What Hi-Fi has been harping on and on about the 'inconsistent' backlight issues.

Lets face it, we cannot simply becuase of one reviewed sample, and another over the moon customer with no backlight issues, suddenly assume all is well. Because clearly it isnt.

I feel that LCD is rotten technology that should be placed in a tube and shot into space. Why dont we all give plasma a shot?

LCD TV's are like a bad hi-fi system. At first, we are amazed by the sparkling treble and thumping bass - as we are with the LCD brightness and the big sizes. Then after a while, it grows tiresome. We reduce the backlight to '0', we push buttons all night long, we calibrate, and whatnot. But you are stuck with something that claims to be more than it is and what it can deliver.

I challenge SONY to change my mind about all of this.

Concluding: I dont brag about my TV. When I watch with someone else, I wonder if they are also quietly spotting the white strobe lights in the corners but keep their mouths shut out of politeness. Its an embarrasment. The no of times and the money I have spend in transporting the models back and forth from the shop to find the perfect one has all been completely fruitless.


Picking this up tomorrow but heard of input lag on gaming. Anyone had any issues?

wonder if the edge-lit ex70 series will be the same?

Yes i admit sony messed up with the cloudy sets.I have a 46" w5 & there are issues,but not enough to affect picture quality & its great to see the same technoligy still impressing.Positive reaction for a company that can make some of the best TV'S in the world.

At last a positive review on a Sony model. In an undeserved Samsung dominant world, let's celebrate this!

On Northernlights review.

Yours is a very serious review and you really approach this issue the way it should be. In fact, LCDs amaze us but problems are more than many and the solutions frequently worse than the problems themselves.

So far I've had three LCDs: a Philips ambilight surround, a Spheros Loewe and an X Sony. My first flat screen was a Philips plasma though, which was very poor. My current LCD is a Sony X2000 series, working fine so far, with a naturally problematic video processing in SD emissions.

I really don't know what I expect from the new models. All I know is that I feel strongly influenced by the specs of recent models and hope this time it's going to be it. But, in the short run, they all grow old, old-fashioned and obsolete rapidly. Do they?...

Hi have just upgraded to this TV and I can safely say that there is no back light bleed whatsoever and the picture is great. Highly recommended. Also, do note that release price quoted can be easily reduced with a quick search on the net, so no need to pay full whack.

Great picture although annoyingly there seems to be a problem with an occassional loss of the picture to be replaced by a single coloured screen with vertical lines - only occurs for a moment now and then but annoying none the less.

Makes a change for us to be accused of anti-Sony bias!

Waine 7 - yes, this Sony definitely outputs 5.1 from Freeview HD (where available).

More info and product list here:


Does any one know if this TV outputs 5.1 on Freeview HD?

Apparently none of the Panasonics do on their Freeview side of things.

Is there a definitive list somewhere that tells you which TV�s and PVR�s do?

Thanks for the post Clare and the info link too.

Had three Sony tv's in the past (all rear projection models) Thought they were ok. Then I bought A 50" Samsung plasma with anti-screenburn. Yes the Tv got sreenburn! So I changed to a Samsung 52" LCD. Excellent! no screenburn. And great picture. Had this Tv for two years, now I want a LCD Tv with Freeview HD. I was looking at Sony, but reading the comments above I think I will look elsewhere.


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