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Sony BDP-S760

Tested at £330

The ’S760 used to be the player to beat, but the quality of competition has gone through the roof


And some products get 2 or 3 stars; it's a mix, that's my point, not all 5 stars as you claim.

And if Sony didn't give us???. I assume you mean money for advertising, which never has, and never will, influence our reviews.

I'll add here that we also give top ratings - and Awards - to companies who never advertise with us; commercial and editorial concerns are separate on WHF and always have been.

It's the consumer that comes first - hence us not giving a single TV Award to Sony this year, as we were just weren't/aren't confident they've sorted the backlight issues that have plagued many of their sets.

Also, on the PS3 vs X-Box issue: we were reviewing music and movie performance (as you'd expect from a magazine with our emphasis): by these criteria the PlayStation is the superior all-rounder. If we were a gaming mag, and that aspect was all we were focussing on, the verdict may have been v.different.

Anyhow, always happy to discuss any issues around the magazine's reviewing strategy and stance, but can I suggest we use the Forums to do so, rather than hog the User Review section of this Blu-ray player?

Tony1ack - a bizarre one that; the Sony certainly works with our reference Pioneer TV (the '5090). If you can stretch to it, i'd try the Pioneer 'LX52 player - even better than the Sony! If that's a tad pricey, the '320 Pioneer is an excellent  alternative.

Tony1ack - this thread may help:

Well I got one for Christmas and must say it's a big improvement over my PS3, and as a owner of a older non-HD amp I also get the benifit of the Multi-channel outs.

Personally I prefer the picture with most of the picture processing turned of or set to minimum as with the players default settings I did find the picture a little over processed, but this is a good thing with the player as you can easily adjust to your own preferances.

DVD playback is also very good but I will be sticking with my Denon DVD3930 on that side of things.

A very nice Blu-ray player. Unfortunately it's not possible to view via the HDMI connection to my Pioneer PDP-434 plasma screen. The HDMI option remains ghosted in the Sony's menu - Setup/Video Settings/Output Video Format. So I'm having to connect via Component, which is rather a compromise. It looks "alright" but could be so much better through HDMI.

HDMI works fine on my neighbours Toshiba & Sony TV's, so this could be a HDMI handshaking problem with the Pioneer screen?

Not best pleased!

Just thought I'd offer my thoughts on the Sony BDP-S760 blu-ray player, which I purchased around three weeks ago.

I was previously using a Panasonic '35 blu-ray player, (now doing sterling duty in the bedroom), and was a little apprehensive about buying the Sony because the likes of Mr. Will Harris were of the opinion that if bitsteaming to an A/V amp, the fine Yamaha RX-V3800 in my case, there was little difference to be discerned in sound or vision because "raw data" was being transmitted by bitstreaming.

Well, I certainly can tell the difference! The Sony produces a picture that is a noticably more detailed and, I think, "natural" pallette. Audio is also definitely improved. These differences are not "night and day" compared with my Panasonic, but gratifyingly noticable nonetheless.

Just a couple of gripes. The remote control - oh dear. The "home" button is situated right under the down arrow button, and it's all too easy to hit the home button by mistake and so find the film disappear from view. Also, to go to a specific chapter/track, you have to go into an options menu, scroll down to chapter select, press that and the ability to select your chapter/track then appears on screen. Errr?! What a palaver! Every other DVD player I've owned (and the Panasonic '35) lets you select your chapter/track direct from the remote control key pad. Why, Sony, why?

So, in my opinion the Sony exhibits overall excellent sound and vision, with a couple of irritating functional oddities.

I have just spent nearly a year researching the best Blue Ray player for what i consider to be a reasonable price.

I have just taken delivery of the Sony BDP760....WOW.

I am so glad I did I have plugged in my old analogue 5.1 cheap as rubbish speaker system (unbranded the dvd and speakers cost £30 off Barking market 2 years ago)

and they sound a million dollars...... I never new they had it in them.

My TV a Samsung 42 inch series 5 HD screen makes it look like I am actually in the movie....

The colours are stunning and there is no ghosting of images even on my TV...

I do not work for Sony by the way..

I chose this Blu Ray player because it plays blue ray discs at the very best quality, connects to my network 1st time no hassle and i shoved a old 8gig memory stick pen in the rear external memory slot which also works fine(own brand pen)

I have 200 or so dvd's and 2 blue ray discs my old dvd's look as good as a blue ray disc any day and i have yet to find one it wont play.The oldest being "The Longest day" I am so pleased with this device and glad i waited plus I paid £299.00 and free delivery...

Yes, it may be so good at playback, but if it did all this AND had a nice big hard disk for recording from its own freeview reception, then �400 really would be a bargain.

And if Sony didn't give us???. I assume you mean money for advertising, which never has, and never will, influence our reviews.

I think a lot of people will find this difficult to believe Andy. I appreciate some Sony reviews are not as good as others. Don't get me wrong. Im not anti Sony. But your reviews do come across as biased from time to time. Kudos to you for replying.

The top link did you no favours andy. All tv's get 4 or 5 stars. My point is, if Sony didn't give you �, what ratings would their stuff really get? The PS3 for example. 5 stars. Xbox. 3 stars. As a games programmer, I know the xbox is the superior gaming machine. Another gripe. The Phillips you rant and rave about. The picture quality on it isn't even up to the standard of my old trusty th37px80b, thus me and a few friends in the electronics trade are flummoxed by it's 5 star rating. But like you lot say, best thing to do is audition things.  

To brettwier. Of course it's going to get a stonking review. It's a Sony product being reviewed in what hifi. It's pretty much gonna be a dead certain 5 stars if it's got Sony written on it. It's all about the ££. Maybe as a few people have already suggested,what hifi should just do a sister mag called what Sony sound and vision.

Wow.......ordered my new Sony BDP S760, Very impressed with the picture quality and sound is out of this world........Wow. Shop around you will find it cheaper on the net.  �325.00

Does this player still have a LAN connection though?

Just bought one of these last week. One of the most impressive blu ray players i have seen. DVD upscaling is a revelation. I used to have the panasonic BD-35 whic was no slouch as an upscaler but this blows that out of the water ! Blu ray pic is superb but almost too polished in some ways with the pic tweeks on - pics have a bright sheen to them but overall the BD playback was outstanding and any complaint is just nit picking. This is easily the best sub �500 player by far given all thatit does and the superb playback from blu ray and DVD

I can't belive the amount of hate this prodict got from the Oppo fan club, when it beat the Oppo. Now that people have bought it,  it's nothing but praise. This is a superb blu ray/dvd player. I don't play CD's as i have dedciated system. But picture is superb. Wifi works. The only negative is that built in memory would have been good as i know have to buy something.

well done WHF for a brave and correct decision in naming it as the best blu ray player.

Congratulations to Sony for a fantastic player. The Blu Ray picture is excellent - detailed, natural  colours with smooth high speed pans.  The unexpected bonus is the quality of the upscaling: ordinary DVDs have a whole new lease of life; sitting at a reasonable distance from the TV they seem not far short of HD.  We have just upgraded to the Philips 42in 9664 and the Sony S760 is a worthy partner - very high quality pictures at a reasonable price.  Many thanks to What Hifi for another reliable review.

well done sony. with a review like that i'm sold. my biggest problem i've had was the analogue out which so many players have neglected to add. at last a great machine with the connections i need and at a price i find reasonable.

I've bought the S760 a week ago, and although I haven't watched a full movie with it I am quite impressed with the quality. Still see some judder in some panning in movies, but I guess I need to play a bit with the settings.

I have a Pioneer KRP 500A and it works flawlessly. Connected an HDMI cable from the player to the TV and it's done. Didn't have any issues with HDMI handshaking. I haven't bought a proper HDMI cable to try and see if it's any better (I guess it doesn't matter since it will be a 2 meter long cable) but the one I tried was a �15 cable and it simply works great.

If I understand correctly you can only stream JPEGs over the S760s network connection?

Seems a bit of a shame that Sony have gone to the trouble of including DNLA functionality and then limiting it to pictures?  Why not include DIVX, MKV etc...?

Also, any comments on the 7.1 analogue audio controls: time delay, bass management etc?

Just bought one of these and tried to set up today. After two hours I still can't even get the menu on the screen and feel so disappointed. I have a 50in pioneer TV with a media box and watch Sky HD regularly. As the Blu Ray has a HDMI out and the Media processor a HDMI in,you would have thought simple, but no, can't get it to work. Bought a new cable and then tried the old one but no, Any ideas??@:

Despite a month of asking everyone I know, Richer Sounds technical dept, Pioneer, etc I still can't get this Sony player to work with my Plasma(Pioneer 504HDE). Will be interesting when I take it back to Richer sounds to see if I get my money back. Pioneer couldnt help and didnt understand why it wont work. I even got out my old DVD player which has a HDMI connection and that still works. So my DVD and SKY HD work great but this Sony player wont connect and know body seems to have any idea as to why. Tried several cables etc.Despite all the stuff written about HDMI handshake etc no one can give me an answer. So so disappointed.

Lets hope I can get it exchanged, what is the next best? I assume I will have to buy Pioneer!!

I have now had my new Blu ray for two weeks and still can't get it to work with my Pioneer plasma, I have had lots of people telling me what it could be but still nothing. I know the machine is OK as it works on a different TV. I have bought a Neet HDMI splitter as I was told this may fix the handshake, it didn't. I have connected the Blu ray to a different TV and set the outout to 720p and still nothing when reconnected to the Pioneer Plasma.Also bought a new HDMI v1.3 cable so its not that.My Sky HD that works well with the TV outputs at 1125i , I'd never heard of that,  Do I need to buy a Pioneer Blu Ray? not even sure if that would work.

Thanks Clare. I eventually took my Sony back and got the Pioneer 32o as they had it in stock and after so long I didnt want to wait for the LX52. As soon as I connected the new machine it lit up and worked like a dream. I'm very impressed with it and with out doubt it improves my DVDs and the sound is excellent.

Went to a friends house who has a HD projector and a seven speaker surround system, makes my 50in Plasma seem like a portable....

Turn off the component function in the menu and/or rgb in. Also check pioneer website for new firmware.

Has anyone here expericened the "purring" noise from this player, as mentioned on another site:

http://www.another site/forums/blu-ray-players/1104261-sony-bdp-s760.html


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