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Sony BDP-S550

Tested at £240

An attractive deck with a tempting price tag – this is another Sony stunner


At the moment, yes. The Panasonic DMP-BD55, which has a similar spec, is £400.

So is this now the cheapest BD player that decodes all HD codecs AND has multi channel output ?

Very happy with this player, picked one up which does multi-region DVD to play my old R1 DVDs on as well and the picture is excellent. Blu-Ray is also a notch up on my PS3  - not a massive notch, but a good notch none the less.

moematthews - you're assuming the fact that the BD35 and BD55 are the same machine except for analogue outputs. If you go by spec, this is pretty much the only difference, but some of the components used within the BD55 have been upgraded which improve the sound and picture. The same will also be true of the S350 and S550. So just because the specs are the same, don't assume the components which make this spec are the same.

Just obtained a BD350 as an exchange for my 5 month old Panny BluRay, which should have output DD HD and DTS MA but would not. This is an excellent machine, it seems quick to load. It puts out both audio codecs via HDMI to my Onkyo 606, as confirmed on the Onkyo Display. Sound is fabulous as is the picture through the Onkyo. If they are now available at about £150 well buy one!

Sorry folks, my earlier listing is on the wrong item, got mixed up between 550 and £350, getting old now!

Got a problem with my Bluray player, when playing BD disc's tried 6 so far thers's an intermitent sound drop out happens about 3 - 4 times per disc yet standard DVD's are fine any idea's?

My system is a pana TX-37LZD70 connected with a monster 750 HDMI cable to a Samsung DB-P1500 player.

There's not much about the BDP-S550 that's lacking. Disc start-up times are quicker than older generation players, picture and sound quality are amazing, and the ethernet port is handy for exploring online content or updating the firmware. The only downside is the size of thing: it's non-standard! This means that you can't really put anything else on top of it (too shallow) and it looks daft if you perch it on top (too wide). In conclusion: Great player, but needs a shelf to itself.

When using the analogue outputs, this model suffers from problems with the crossover not putting enough signal towards the subwoofer.  Just Google 'BDP-S550 LFE' and you'll see I'm one of many users suffering from this problem.  

I have spent hours trying to adjust the levels on my BD player and Amp, but can't get it right unless I have the amp decoding.  Unfortunately my amp doesn't have an HD decoder and I'm rather cheesed off!

This is a general question about your reviews on the Sony BDP-S350, S550 and Panasonic DMP-BD35 and BD55.

Your magazine review claims the S350 sounds better than the BD35.  Since neither has analog outputs, this must be on the basis of HDMI.  But then you say that the BD55 reaps instant sonic benefits from its audiophile components over the cheaper BD35.  But the audiophile components are only a factor with the analog outputs on the BD55, correct?  So are you saying the analog outputs on the BD55 sound better than HDMI on the BD35?  And you do not always mention what codecs you are listening to.

Then you say in the on-line review of the S550 that the bass could be bolder.  Is that through analog or HDMI?  If it's through HDMI, shouldn't it sound exactly the same as the S350, which is the same machine where HDMI is concerned?  And since the S350 sounds better than the BD35, shouldn't that mean that the S550 also sounds better than the BD35?  And if the BD35 and BD55 are exactly the same except for the analog outs, then shouldn't the BD35 and BD55 sound identical through HDMI?  And, finally, if that's the case, shouldn't the S550 sound better than BOTH Panasonics?

I hope that makes sense.  I have re-read it, and it does.  I'm just a bit confused because your tests do not always seem to use the same points of reference.

Bottom line: How does the S550 sound compared to the BD35 and BD55?

Yep - it's not a standard size but there are plenty of stands from standland and avermedia to fit this width. At the time of writing this is one of the cheapest BD players which decodes HD codecs.

Good service and free delivery is available from found so anyway so I'd recommend them.

I particularly like the quick startup on th 550 and it beats the Panasonic equivalent in my view.

I am using this model at present and am very very imressed.It ticks all the right boxes for features , especially full onboard decoding for all HD audio formats,(unlike over priced Pioneer players). It does a great job with DVD's also . All in all would give it 10 out of 10 , and considering the excellent deals available (paid 200.00) for mine is the best value player out their in my opinion.    


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