BDP-S350 user reviews

Sony BDP-S350

Tested at £200

This diminutive player delivers a superb picture and and sound and represents truly great value


I'd be interested to know how it compares on Blu-Ray picture playback to the Panasonic BD30 price at £300. Is it worth paying the extra for the Panasonic?

is it better picture quality than a ps3.

also when is it released.

amazon have it at 5 sept for £192

bargain of the year

how can dvd playback be multi-regioned on sony bd 350?

Do I need DTS HD MASTER when i`ve got DENON 2808?

I would really like to compare Sony 350 with Denon 2500. Is it worth 3 x the price?

Superb player - just got one myself - and terrific value right now at around £160 (+ 3 free Blu-Rays at amazon at the moment!).

To those who asked about Multi-Regioning the DVD player. It can be done - have a look on another site there are a few methods out there for One-for-all, Pronto and Harmony remotes

Does Sony pay what hi fi s+v to "big up" all their products??

Beside small technical woes (e.g. disc load times, etc.), this machine is an excellent product!!! Thanks to What HiFi's staff for their review, my wife bought it for me as a gift!

Cheers from Canada!!!

No - and what do you hope to achieve by making such insinuations here and in other comments? Oh right, it's just an innocent question? Well, in fact it's usually a struggle for us to get products out of the company for review.

I've just bought one of these and, I have to say, I'm completely unimpressed. I have two main gripes:

1. The player doesn't reliably remember where it was in a disc if stopped or switched off. If you watch half of something and then come back later 50% of the time it will resume from where it left off. The other 50% it will insist on re-starting from the beginning. It seems to depend on the disc and the right (unintuitive) key being pressed. My previous Sony DVD player would remember where it was in up to 10 discs, allowing you to swap and resume at will. Unacceptable!

2. The lip sync is always out. I'm down converting to DTS and Dolby as I have an older amp. No matter what delay setting I choose, I can never get it right. I suspect what I need is a picture delay not an audio delay.

Why would a brand new Blu-ray player not play Divx? Would this be possible via a firmware upgrade? This is functionality that has been around for years in DVD players.

Is it better or an a Par at Upscaling DVD's with the DENON DVD 1940?

Remind me why I pay for a What HiFi subscription when reviews like this are online by the time I receive the mag to my door?

Finally a budget Sony Blu-Ray Player. Your review on the Panasonic was impressive, but it's yet another remote to deal with.

Reality check - I have a budget Sony DVD player that outputs 576p through component links and the picture is great. It's wife and child friendly and it cost 50 quid 3 years ago and the remote from my Sony LCD 40W3000 is compatible.

So a player that could be upgraded like the PS3 to decode DTS Master Audio and plays Multi-region DVD (unlock codes??) sounds like a winner.

Wish list - stick DLNA media player in the software and you've ticked all the boxes (for me).

Can the DVD playback be multi regioned?

How can sony offer this machine with more features than the 300 for this price.Surely some mistake as it is still £299 for the old machine.


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