Audio OLi2 user reviews

Roth Audio OLi2

Tested at £150

Despite the slightly lopsided overall sound, the Roths are talented and engaging enough to warrant consideration


These really are superb speakers for the money. The mid range is excellent and they are very clear like their younger siblings the Oli 1's. In the review they mention a slight unbalanced nature in the top and bass. I found that with a couple of weeks under their belt and very careful positioning this disappears altogether. Which would in my opinion give them the last star they needed. I now have their postion marked on the floor.

Its just personal but I mush prefer them to the Mordaunt short 902i,Monitor Audio BR2, both of which I have owned.

I bought mine for �99 and that is a steal.

All my other kit is in a much higher price bracket but I have absolutley no desire to upgrade as I love them so much and they make such a sweet sound.

I guess I could just have found great kit to match them with , but hey thats the fun of matching equipment.



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