RSX-1550 user reviews

Rotel RSX-1550

Tested at £1400

Forget the specs; this Rotel is an awesome multichannel amp, even if it’s not quite the best


wher dpoes Harman Kardon feature here. Im asking because they quote less wattage but high amps

Why, ajharris? How many watts do you think you need?

120 watts per channel would be better.

Also it misses a lot of features that the Yammy and Pionner have!

Great receiver, although, the Sony is £100 more and has more features! On the sound quality front, they are both the same, although, in music, I thought the Rotel just had the edge, but very similar. For movies, Sony is better!

One last thing, 75 watts per channel is to low for a receiver at this price point!


You say 75 WPC is too low at the price so i assume you must of dismissed the sony(da5400?) out of hand?

Because in lab tests the rotel's figures are twice that of the sony under the following conditions:

Five channels driven continuously into 8-ohm loads 0.1 distortion:

Sony= 39.4 WPC Rotel= 84.3 WPC............

I'm sure both amps sound great, but if i had power hungry speakers the rotel has the grunt.

I would have to agree with Andrew & criggy. The Rotel is far better in just about any situation. I personally have used the Yamaha RXV3900,

Pioneer SC05, Denon AVR3310CI, Marantz SR6004 and I will tell you that the only one of the group that even came close to the Rotel RSX1560 was the Pioneer. That was before they got out of plasma's and the newer receivers they make may not be as good as last years lineup. We'll see. All these receivers have one thing in common...usable power. They all get a very harsh and compressed sound at volume levels that appear to be in the 40wpc area. The Pioneer lastest a little longer and the Rotel even longer than the Pioneer. To go any further you will likely need to go with an amp/pre-amp setup. The fact that "aj" brought up Sony as a viable audio solution is preposterous at best. AJ please dont make such really doesn't build any credibility. Sony is a video company...let's leave it at that. We should all be grateful that companies like Rotel are generous enough to build receivers at all. The fact is that Rotel, Parasound, NAD, Arcam, McIntosh and many others focus on dedicated amps and processors. They build a receiver for the small group of audio enthusiast would want better gear but can't afford to drop $10,000.00 on a nice amp/pre-amp setup. I say thank you to Rotel for building such an affordable and wonderful performing receiver for the average guy. BTW guys...there are no high end electronics manufacturers that have good remotes. They ALL expect you to get control systems or at least a universal remote of some type.


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