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Rega Elicit

Tested at £1498

The Elicit is a decent, enjoyable amplifier and well worth a listen, though we reckon more ability is available for the same money


I was in the market for a British integrated amplifier priced up to £2k and I chose Rega's Elicit after auditioning similar price rivals from Arcam, Creek, Naim, Roksan and Cyrus. The other amps had their own attractive sets of strengths but the Elicit was the one that blew me away. It offers a wide and deep soundstage, excellent dynamics, great rhythmic timing, lovely transparency, and best of it, it gave the most realistic reproduction of acoustic instruments. I have to agree with What Hifi. The Elicit is a truly "musically involving" amplifier. I shall be using this incredible amplifier for many years to come.

By the way, my Elicit is paired with the Rega DAC. The synergy is wonderful, to say the least.Cool





Bit of a blow for rega , as they say this is the best they can make.I'm a rega fan ( and love my rega gear ) and was looking to up grade , maybe not.

I would listen to it rather than take a mag review as gospel. It is a way better sounding amp than the review here gives it credit for, and to my ears gave the Naim's pre/power entry boxes a bit of a slapping. Much more to the soundstage, a real involvement and feel for the music, and just as good at pace and timing as the naim pairing.

I have owned the new Rega Elicit for awhile now. You call this amplifier musical as if it's some sort of crime. It does not have the spot light detail which might impress initially. It does have an involving, natural and insightful presentation. And Unlike many others has a good onboard phono stage. Bass has surprisng reach and rhythm for the power rating. Midrange is subtley sweet whilst maintaining clarity, and soundstage is very good indeed. This is a very fine integrated amplifier. I'd add that Its virtues increase when used with an all Rega system. It really begins to shine with RS3 speakers. I wanted a British made integarted with onboard phono,

the Elicit was the one for me.


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