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Q Acoustics 2010

Tested at £110

A 2009 Award winner and with good reason: the 2010s are tremendous little speakers. Now replaced by the Q Acoustics 2010i


Buy these speaker's!!

Having been away from the hifi scene for a couple of year's ive built a new system based around spotify, dac, amp, and speaker's, normally id look to spend around  £400/600 on speakers, i purchased the 2010's to hold the fort until i could afford somthing a bit better. What a fantastic job they are doing, im suprised at how musical they are and for a  little over a £100 they are a true bargain!

I have had a set of these tiny boxes for just under a year now. I have them in my small listening room and they replaced a pair of Kef IQ5 SE's that I found just a tad bright. The small room maybe had something to do with the Kefs brightness but anyway, the 2010's are just fantastic! They handle anything you throw at them and I even have them running off a Rotel RB-04 power amp and play alot of my music at fairly high volume. The 2010's just lap it up and ask for more! Best little speakers I have ever heard and owned. Get a set!

i've just bought a pair of these along with their own specific stands and can say that they are a superb solution for me as a great discreet but quality surround speaker in my medium sized room.

great detail and soundstage for such small speakers, lending themselves well to surround sound duties. really impressed. and they look great in gloss black attached to the stands...which are also very well thought out.

how does the 2010's compare to the 2020's

One of the best small speakers available for the money.

Are the 2020 worth the extra money?

I have 2 pairs of these as part of my surround set up (Q Acoustic 2000 cinema pack, rears wall mounted). The sound is fantastic. Detailed, precise & adequate base. I was so happy that I bought another pair to match up with my Denon D-M38 as a hi-fi for my office (matching stands). I'm no speaker expert (I'm 23 but have had speaker set ups since I was 13) but I think for the price they are a tremendous addition to any house.

Some people say go for the 2020's for added bass but i've had to turn my 2010's down bass wise for some music!

I've plumped for a pair of these to compliment my NAD 320BEE/521BEE in our back room.  They replace a pair of Mission M73i floorstanders which, although visually unsubtle, created a vast soundstage and were actually rather good with delicate high frequencies once bi-wired.  I had concerns that, although incredibly pretty and cleverly packaged, the Q's would not be able to deliver as much punch or definition, partly due to their diminutive size and partly due to the single pair of terminals on the underside.  I need not have worried.  Linked to the amp with decent 2-core OFC speaker cable they immediately showed their class, all the subtleties of Neil Young's 'Harvest' delivered clearly, the punch and aggression of Tool's 'Undertow' afforded the authority it requires.  They have been in a couple of weeks now and are starting to break in nicely, the slight twitchiness in the tweeter when playing acoustic guitar tracks has now disappeared and the quality of the inbuilt crossovers becoming more obvious with every use.  They provide a superb balance between the main driver and tweeter and never give the impression that high frequencies are being swamped out.  I've played around with positioning a bit and found them to be very flexible in this regard - as long as you don't push them with their backs to the wall, they deliver a rounded sound from just about anywhere.  Assuming they last as long as the external build suggests, I think me and my little Qs will be friends for a long time.

PS.  I got the white ones.


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